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Raya Abirached

The life story of Raya Abirached, broadcaster and the introduction of television programs.
The life story of Raya Abirached, broadcaster and the introduction of television programs and newspaper and productive Lebanese, carrying a British citizen, born May 12, 1977.

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Biography Information of Raya Abirached.
Biography Life Story of Raya Abirached.
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Nickname: Raya Abirached
Location: Lebanon
Date of Birth: June 197 712
Work: rendering software, press
Type: talent and celebrity programs
Years of work: 2003 - yet

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And Raya Abirached born in 1977, holds a bachelor's degree in economics and a master's in film, and a master's in journalism, broadcasting from Westminster University of London, she speaks several languages ​​fluently and are in Arabic, English, French and Italian. She began her career as a journalist in Beirut before moving to the United Kingdom with 1999.
Raya Abirached operate in a network MBC since 2003 and is still, a play in providing the famous talent show Arab's Got Talent alongside Saudi rapper Qusai since 2010. And expanded its activities after receiving a master's degree in visual journalism in London; to include in 2005 the preparation and presentation program (Scoop) on (channel MBC4), which covers the latest news of Hollywood in addition to hosting and dialogue with the most prominent celebrities and stars of the west of the representatives, it is Rhea first Arab dialogue enter the backstage movie stars, music and Western art.

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Facebook: facebook.com/RayaOfficial
Twitter: twitter.com/rayascoop
Instagram: instagram.com/rayaofficial
Youtube: No official account.
Google +: No official account.
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