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Angham, an Egyptian singer, was born on January 19, 1972.
Angham, an Egyptian singer, was born on January 19, 1972 in the city of Alexandria.

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Birth name: Angham Mohamed Ali Suleiman,
Nickname: Angham
Location: Egypt
Date of birth: January 19, 1972
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Titles: Egypt's First Female Singer
Work: singing
Type: Arab music, music Gulf
Working years: 1988 - yet
Marital status: divorced
Husband: Majdi Arif, Fahad Shalabi (formerly)
Sons: Omar Abdul Rahman
Father: Mohammed Ali Suleiman

Biography Life Story:

Angham was born in January 19, 1972 in the city of Alexandria, it is from an artistic family, and her father musician Mohamed Ali Suleiman, and uncle artist Imad Abdel Halim. She married twice and broke away, where she married the Egyptian director "Magdy Aref" and gave birth to her son, "Omar", and after her divorce she married singer Angham dealer Kuwait Fahd Mohammed Al-Shalabi music in 2004, after working relationship and friendship gathered together for a period of time. Raised during this period of work collected a duet with her husband on Valentine's holiday Fahd in 2005, and became a mother for the second time when she gave birth Abdul Rahman. In September 2007 filed a lawsuit singer Angham take off from her husband, music distributor Fahed Al-Shalabi marriage lasted three years later. Filed a divorce lawyer singer Angham who added that the singer is ready respond dowry and waive all legal rights in exchange for their freedom have been hearing Sept. 25 to determine in 2007 to call the husband and his presence with the singer Angham for a reconciliation meeting between them to try to end the dispute amicably rather than refer the case to the court. After nearly a year all attempts failed to reconcile with her husband, and the judge ruled dislocated singer Angham.
The Angham Egyptian singers of the most successful in the last twenty years, so that some may singer dubbed Egypt's first album, also recorded the highest sales in the singers. Released her album I love myself in 2009 and achieved sales of fiction, which some saw Angham return to the market after another cassette Njaanha thundering in Album Omri Maak 2003

Artist Works - Albums:

Term Hadi corner (1987), the first Answer (1988), not to include Lali (1989), the uncertainty (1989), we agreed (1990), simply Keda (1991), are the world (1992), but I (1993), Bacolk AT (1995), I really appreciate (1996), something is lost (1996), Maine you love (1997), Mark Hate (1998), the singularity (1999), les Sptha (2001), Omri Maak (2003), rewind Wahashtiny (2005), all Enkerb (2007), I love myself (2009), the tale of Muhammadiyah (2010), nobody held accountable (2010).

Awards and Honors:

- Journal of Alderjst 2011 as the best singer arabic.
- Radio "Mega FM" in 2011.
- Almima ceremony as the best Arab singer in 2011.
- The United Nations World Women's Day in 2012.
- The opening of the 19th Arab Music Festival, which was held at the Opera House in Cairo ceremony.
- Radio "Star FM" as the best singer in 2010 an Arab.
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