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Beren Saat, Turkish actress, was born on February 26, 1984
Beren Saat, Turkish actress, was born on February 26, 1984 in Ankara, capital of the Republic of Turkey

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Name: Beren Saat
Location: Turkey
Date of birth: March 261 984
Born: Ankara, Turkey place
Title: Brancesh screen turkey
Work: representation
Mother: Bolgan

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I was born Beren Saat in the February 26, 1984 in Ankara, capital of the Republic of Turkey, the eldest child and has a younger brother of them, her father was a secondary teacher in Ankara School Kotaktib high school and is now retired from work, and her mother, her name Bolgan, so beloved Perrin often says it in the first place has.
Perrin took part in the name Star Turkey quiz show as a child, and was it a lot of the stars of the Turks whom series champion fame Bingi Azaturk (Yemen), as well as series champion Narain engin akyürek (Mustafa), who was her with the problem of dissolved later and became closer friends when she was 19 years.
At the same time he was supported by a friend who gave it starred ambition and fame, but died of a motorcycle accident and the first thing that I learned of his death went herself to file it in their own way when she does not forget his he the only person in the world knows me very much and do not forget throughout my life
At his request, I will continue to achieve our dream, and the dream has already been achieved and won second place
Having participated in several acts of her fame began to increase, especially after the association with the actor Bulent Inal in 2009 when they met at a cafe and had to lay greeted Bulent impressed Bulent them and they hid their relationship, and after they announced they were engaged for said Perrin for Bulent: "He is someone I feel close proximity me and I feel safe and in love with him, "this is what he wanted Bulent after his success in the soap opera" shades Alohlamur "which was named in his version characterized it as Syrian dubbed the" lost years ", he went to Dubai for the interviews, and I went with him Perrin. It was said that there were problems between the Toba Peotone known Plumas with Beren Saat because Bulent.
After the end of the series Forbidden love first season in Turkey in 2009 Ansdm everyone the end of a relationship Bulent Inal with actress Beren Saat, some said that the reason for this is due to the viewer, who were between Perrin and Kivanc, but Bulent denied the piece and said: "I am a representative and I know this scenes but we are different from some friends and we are so far and we have decided to terminate our relationship calmly and complete satisfaction of all. "
It is now on the relationship with Levent Semerc
Beren Saat associated with only three romantic relationships, do not have any other relationships, and the rest is just empty rumors from the press:
The first named Effie died was her boyfriend for three years and died on the day it won second place in the contest Star Turkey a motorcycle accident.
The second is the famous actor Bolt Inal series champion year loss and the relationship lasted for two years and was secession without problems
The third is the director Levent Semerci and the relationship is still going on and Perrin denied any Haat detachable hanging over the relationship Perrin confidential outlet dimension removed from the press and media.

Artist Works:

2004: participated in the series Askimizda ölüm var
2005: participated in a series of love-in-exile Aska sürgün role Zelan
2006: he took a starring role in the series remember darling hatirla sevgili role Yasmin
2008: Akhaddt a major role in the series Forbidden love A; k-ı Memnu role Bahtar
Represented film ache fall Güz Sancisi
2009: The co-starred Gecenin Kanatlari
2010: What is the guilt of the series Fatima Gul Fatmagül'ün Suçu Ne
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