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Jumana Murad, Syrian actress, born April 1, 1973 in the endosperm Syria.
Jumana Murad, Syrian actress, born April 1, 1973 in the endosperm Syria.

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Nickname: Joumana Mrad
Birth name: Nawaf Fahd Joumana Mrad
Country: Syria
Date of birth: April 1, 1973
Place of birth: endosperm, Syria
Work: actress, presenter
Working years: 1998 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Spring Bsaiso (2013)
Sons: Fathi

Biography Life Story:

Jumana Murad was born in 1973 in the endosperm Syria, holds a degree in English literature from the University of Damascus in Syria, and also on the drama and representation in Art Actor Center "London". At the beginning broadcaster worked in Ajman TV and stop the program, which was offered, and entered the field of art by friends who knew the director Necdet Anzor, then work in the TV drama began in 1998. It is her Joumana International Company for the production of film and television distribution, it is also a member of the Committee for Union film and television industry in Syria and member of the administration to the Council of the Union of Arab producers of the League of Arab States. His uncle and his son is the artist Nevin past.

Artist Works:


Syria Series:

Remnants Photos, brave, stolen, search for salads, white thread (production, representation), escape to the top, revenge roses (production, representation), stain, Tariq (Egypt, Syria), the biography of love, double resentment, Bab El Hara 2008 (Part 3 4 5), on the sea waves, heck Tjozna (production, representation).

Egyptian serials:

Love Motta, Shared, heart Habiba, succulent hour, welcomes you to Cairo (Egypt), prosecution witness

Other Series:

Eve in history (Lebanon), Al Bawadi fire (Jordan, Kuwait), required men (2011).


Cinema Syria:

life or death.

Egyptian cinema:

Demons, moments of femininity, Cabaret, Shaaban Knight, the palm of the moon.

Awards and Honors:

2009 best actress award a second role for her role in the film Cabaret, which was introduced in 2008 in the film festival Film Society ceremony.
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