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Layal Abboud

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Layal Abboud, a Lebanese singer was born in southern Lebanon.
Layal Abboud, a Lebanese singer was born in southern Lebanon.

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Name: Layal Abboud
Location: Lebanon
Date of Birth: May 15
Place of Birth: his own church, the South Lebanon
Work: singing
Type: Popular Lebanese
Years of work: 2001 - yet
Marital status: single mom

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Layal Abboud, a Lebanese singer was born in the south of Lebanon, the voice of the southern Lebanese began the year 2001 - 2002 in the "Art Studio", he holds a master's degree in English literature and translator of expression and art from three universities program.
She took up her voice throaty and compassionate, singing colors of Rapture and folklore Lebanese "Dabke and Almijana and Alataba" where he gives the air a special elegance savored the public and interact with their presence, but best known as seduction in her concerts and her videos, because the form is perhaps the eyes of some model for women seductive and that's what makes him some accuse tempted Antqzha and because of that, but it defends itself saying it speaks the language of the body and the sense of not more than that.
He also accused emulating the Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram in its infancy, but Layal Abboud said she is innocent of this, and it is pursuing a special way and established itself as a technical condition does not look like one, and with complete privacy.
Technical balance: three albums, nearly 25 song variety of threads and dialects (Lebanese and Egyptian, Gulf and Iraq) yet have 18 working photographer on video mode. Almighty its own production of the musical. We have teamed up with a large number of the most prominent directors: Walid Nassif, Fadi Haddad Rndly Kodeih, Jad Sawaya, Jean Richa.
He won many awards in Lebanon and the Arab world, and received honorary shields of security and military forces because of the ongoing activities with the Lebanese military.

Artist Works:


In a hurry (2007), is living the (2010).

Video clips:

Layal filmed several clips lyrical cooperated with distinguished directors.
Both my senses (2004), in the market (2005), busy Bali You (2006), Maine not change (2007), Wade Alanh madly (2008), the sweetest hype pulling Garovh (2009), the necessary know the Near and Ladd, Baby Mapaah (2010), my bird Tayer (2011), Oh I oh I (2012), rattle skilled iron (2013) ... Magnj (2015).

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