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Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, singer and songwriter English.
Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, singer and songwriter English, was born on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, north London.

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Nickname: Adele
Birth name: Adele Laurie Blue Adkins
Location: England
Date of birth: 05 May 1988
Born: Tottenham, north London, England place
Work: singing, writing songs
Musical instruments: guitar, piano, celesta
Years of work: 2006 - yet
Marital status: Married (Simon Kinuca)

Biography Life Story:

I was born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on May 5, 1988 in Tottenham, north London.
In the second-leaving age, her mother and her father, 20, alone to raise her daughter.
At the age of four he began singing Adele where she became obsessed with voices. Adele affected troupe Spice Girls to a large degree, she said: «They made me what I am now», and at dinner parties they lead Adele songs this band. Adele said it influenced the music of Etta James Otherwise also Fitzgerald.
At eleven-year-old Adele and her mother moved to Brixton, becoming at that time interested in the music of the singers (R & B), such as automatically and Mary J. Blige and Destiny's Child.
Adele graduated from the BRIT School in Croydon in May 2006, with Zmilleteha Leona Lewis and Jessie J, Adele pride thanks to her school because of its sponsorship of her talent when she was a student at the school. Although they moved away from north London, but she remained encouraging faithful to her hometown team Tottenham, which plays in the Brimirleg.
Said in January 2012 that Waddell in a relationship with a businessman (Simon Kinuca). In June 2012 Adele announced that she was pregnant, and October 18, 2012 gave birth to Adele was born, its first and second to Simon who has Aanh of his ex-wife.
Waddell had owned an apartment in Notting Hill, in London in 2008, and in February 2012 moved into a luxury home with a cost of 7 million pounds in West Sussex with Simon. In April 2013 reported that Waddell fortune of 30 million pounds, 0.10 million of which in its last 12 months.

Artist Works:

2006 - 2008: the beginning of her career
After four months of graduating two songs published in the fourth issue of the technical journal on the Internet. The FD Waddell recorded three experimental music in order to study the project and gave them to a friend, so he posted on MySpace where it became very successful there, which resulted in her receiving a call from a company XL Recordings. Waddell initially questioned about the offer was real because the only company that has been defined by the Virgin record label and later took one of her friends with her to the meeting.
Waddell has issued her first song in October 2007 entitled "Hometown Glory" which received excellent reception of cash and was ranked 19th in Britain.
2008: The album of 19 and the beginning of the global success
Adele's first album was released in 2008 and titled 19 appearance since won a lot of critical and commercial success and the album occupied the first place in Britain and earned a four-cylinder platinum as well. Album sales reached 6.5 million copies worldwide. In 2009, Adele won the Grammy awards: Best New Artist and Best Female Vocal Performance for the pop song "Chasing Pavements". A week after the Grammy Awards broadcast, the album reached the tenth place in the United States. It boosted her career in the United States when they appear in the Saturday Night Live program and winning Grammy awards. At the same time her song "Chasing Pavements" reached No. 21 on Billboard and one Hot 100.
2011: The album of 21 and more success
In 2011, Adele released her second album 21, which is hailed by most critics, making it beyond the success of her first album even business sense. To get six Grammy Awards in 2012, including the award (Album of the Year) and many other awards. And got the 16-cylinder platinum in Britain and the cylinder diamond in the United States, the album sales of 26 million copies around the world.
2012 - until now: Skyfall and third album
In October 2012 Adele confirmed that it had written and recorded the theme song of the 23 series of films for the part of James Bond, Skyfall with producer Paul Epworth. The song was ranked first in 14 countries around the world such as France, Germany and Italy, entered in the eighth spot in the Billboard Hot 100, the first song Adele be the "first ten songs," as they are released with sales of the 261,000 copies in its first three days, and by 28, November 2012 amounted song sales by 2 million copies around the world.

Awards and Honors:

Adele Billboard magazine as the best artist in the year 2011. In 2012 chose Adele ranked fifth in the list (100 Greatest Women in Music) issued by the channel VH1, and listed by Time magazine in the list (the most influential people in the world). And he won several Grammy Awards 2009.2010, 2012.2013.
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