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Ahlam, Emirati singer, was born on February 12 1969 .
Ahlam, Emirati singer, was born on February 12 1969 at the village of Busaiteen in Muharraq in Bahrain.

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Nickname: Ahlam
Real name: Maitha Hazim Ali Al Shamsi
Titles: Arab artist, singer first Gulf, Queen
Country: United Arab Emirates
Date of Birth: February 12, 1969
Place of birth: Muharraq, Bahrain
Work: singing
Type: Music, Gulf, Arab music
Years of work: 1994 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Mubarak Al-Hajri
Sons: Vahid, Fatima, Lulua
Father: Ali Al Shamsi

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Ahlam was born on 12 February 1969 at the village of Busaiteen in Muharraq, Bahrain, and raised a child there, where her mother's hometown, too, and she studied stage elementary and junior high schools in Muharraq. It Emirati father of a Bahraini mother, her father Ali Al Shamsi, who was an artist popularly became sings at weddings almost Gulf in 1987. later in 1994 she became a famous singer until now. She married Ahlam in 2003 from the star cars Qatari rally Mubarak Al-Hajri where the father of her son called Vahid born in 2004 and a daughter she called Fatima was born in 2008, but Lulua was born in 2010. She currently lives Ahlam life shifting between Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in Dubai, where it has two houses in all of the two countries in addition to the two houses in Egypt and two apartments in the center of London and two apartments in Lebanon and an apartment in the center of Paris.
Surnamed Saudi singer Mohammad Abdo Bmatarbh Gulf and the first Arab artist. And also nicknamed the Queen by the audience. Is now considered one of the richest entertainers in the Middle East as "Arp Business" magazine says it the most expensive Arab reward. The most famous artist Gulf. Her 10 albums, mostly with the UAE arts company that contracted with in its infancy and produced her first album titled "Love's death Ahlam 95" where she began her career through it. Rolled after the first album where released versions.
In July 21, 2011 it was announced Arab Idol program which is the Arabic version of the program is the largest in the world American Idol, it was said Ahlam within the jury, composed of the artist Ragheb Alama musician Hassan El Shafei and distributor. The program was launched in December, 92,011 on the channel MBC 1. traveled Ahlam, accompanied by members of the jury to eight Arab and Western countries, for the selection of voices that will participate in the competitions program, as it headed to Egypt and the UAE, Morocco, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon and London. But it did not show the expected image in the program, and received multiple criticism from observers and the media was seen as a failure in cash and arbitration capabilities, but that does not mean failure as a singer.

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I love Death (1995) - Bye (1996) - How Ground (1997) - Maasah right, but (1998) - Natural (1999) - Various (2000) - to your knowledge Bs (2001) - Best (2003) - gravity made (2006 ) - this I (2009).

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