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Alla Kushnir

Life story Alla Kushnir, a Ukrainian dancer, born on June 11, 1985.
Life story Alla Kushnir, a Ukrainian dancer, born on June 11, 1985 in Ukraine.

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Biography Information of Alla Kushnir.
Biography Life Story of Alla Kushnir.

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Nickname: Alla Kushnir
Country of citizenship: Ukraine
Country of residence: Egypt
Date of Birth: June 11, 1985.
Place of Birth: Ukraine.
Work: dance.
Type: Belly Dance.

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I was born Alla Kushnir in 1985 in Ukraine, fell in love with dance and focused on him since her childhood, as she studied in specialized handicraft arts school, and after graduation she joined the Academy of Law, and had taken the decision not to link her to dance, but enacted by the Second Academy, saw belly dancing on Vahpth visits again, so I decided then professional belly dancing. Known much after reaching the world famous talent show finals in its version Ukrainian (Ukraine gots Talent), also starred and brighten Arab host star in the famous Lebanese program (Shake Ya Nawaem), became a professional belly dancing and Amthunth, Vomst much of occasions and the Egyptian events that specializes in belly dancing and participated involved in Egyptian films, and its name has become a familiar and well known to Kthren.ha also a choreographer, and the Organization of performances and festivals.

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Geoffrey Nicoletti said...

Alla knows the craft but to be the artist she has to make onlookers not an audience but witnesses. How to d o that? Stop smiling, stop entertaining, stop looking at them. Dance to the music ONLY and lt them see the Flamenco dancers.

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