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The life story of Amal Clooney, Amal Clooney birth name, is a lawyer and human rights activist and a British writer of Lebanese descent, was born February 3, 1978 in the city of Beirut, capital of Lebanon.

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Nickname: Amal Clooney
Real name: Amal Clooney
Location: United Kingdom, Lebanon
Date of Birth: February 3, 1978
Place of Birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Residence Location: London, UK K
Country of origin: Lebanon
Work: lawyer
Marital status: Married
Husband: George Clooney (Actor)
Father: Ramzi Alameddine
Mother: ingenious Meknes

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Clooney Amal was born on February 3, 1978 in the city of Beirut, capital of Lebanon. Two years after her birth her family left Lebanon to the city of London, Britain, where he settled in Gerrard's Cross. Her mother called ingenious Alameddine, she served as foreign editor at the newspaper Arab life, and her father Ramzi, who returned to Lebanon in 1991, he was a university professor formerly studies business administration, and vice-president of the former American University in Beirut, and her three younger brothers: sister called followed, and two brothers Samer and Ziad. It is said that her grandmother was the first woman to graduate from the American University of Beirut.
Amal Clooney has specialized in international law, criminal law, human rights, and extradition. She is currently a lawyer and legal adviser and defense lawyer before the Supreme courts in Doughty Street Chambers, London. It is fluent in three languages: Arabic, French and English.
She married Amal Clooney officially celibate months in Hollywood, George Clooney in the September 27, 2014, at a ceremony in Venice.
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