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Asala Nasri, Syria singer, was born on May 15, 1969 .
Asala Nasri, Syria singer, was born on May 15, 1969 in Damascus, Syria.

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Birth name: authenticity Mustapha Nasri, Hatem
Nickname: Asala Nasri
Titles: Khalifa Umm Kulthum, lady singing Arab
Country: Syria
Date of birth: May 15, 1969
Place of birth: Damascus, Syria
Work: singing
Type: Arabic music
Working years: 1985 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Ayman Golden (former) director Tarek El-Erian (current)
Children: Khaled, Cham (from her first husband), twins Ali, Adam (from her current husband)
Father: Mustapha Nasri (the late singer)
Mother: Aziza

Biography Life Story:

Asala Nasri was born on May 15, 1969 in Damascus, Syria. A Syrian nationality lived in Syria, Damascus, Yafour, Abu Rummana, Mehdi Ben Barka Street, opposite prescriptive Airways (Damascus), and has a home in the United Arab Emirates in Palm Village, and now lives in Cairo, Egypt authenticity. Her father is the late Syrian singer Mustapha Nasri, who was famous, and her family is made up of four brothers: Amani, Ayham, RIM, once / and her mother are: Aziza. Discovered her father, her intelligence and her talent in singing, where she lived at his school musical Vttelmzt on his hands and nurtured in that area, it has been found in the originality of beautiful sound and strong and discovered that when he was four years old, she began singing at the age of seven years, through the submission of songs her father, and then in universal stories (stories of peoples), and the singing of children in national events as well as they participated in the singing of national anthems.
Brighten the star Asala Nasri since her early childhood where he started singing at the age of four years in ads and the most famous works of her childhood is an introduction (Tatar) cartoon series stories are universal, plus they sang songs and sang to children in the Syrian national events and took care of her father Mustapha Nasri in this area. Her father died in 1986 and it was his death a great impact on her life, I stopped singing for three years and has served as the spiritual father of her brothers young Reem and aspirations and Anas and Ayham responsible for them .maa reputation in the Arab world after the release of her song I hear the echo of your voice in 1991, which Gnth of hair Sheikh Hamdan Al Maktoum. Of her albums: "and the incredible" and "angered" and "Alli was" and "my heart Berthalk" and "O crazy" and "the right hand of God." I participated in many festivals of Arab song, and global and won numerous awards and certificates of appreciation and honor.
Originality is characterized by personality explicit and strong voice and her sense of slender. And nicknamed the Caliph of Umm Kulthum and master of Arabic singing and also have a large fan, specifically in the Gulf. They are also carrying Bahraini citizenship comes originality obtain Bahraini citizenship a few days of their participation in the activities of the operetta "love and loyalty", which was held Manama to mark the National Day of the Kingdom of Bahrain in 2005 and the holiday sitting of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, after, after nearly a year later on a personal interview what between the king of Bahrain and originality. He participated in several Arab and international festivals and has also been hosted in a lot of TV shows and was a debut with a significant impact on the LCD screen Almhahidin.o have won a lot of awards and was awarded many certificates of thanks and appreciation.
He has four sons Khaled and Cham illusion of her first husband Ayman golden twins Ali and her husband, Adam, from the current director Tarek El-Erian.
It supported the Syrian revolution since its inception.
Production Companies:
- Gold production (1994 - 2002)
- Arts island (2004 - 2005)
- Rotana (2005 -2008)
- Platinum Records (2010 - present)

Artist Works - Albums:

Between you and me (1992) - if you know (1993) - twin Spirit (1994) - angered (1994) - Lesa (1995) - Strong Parts (1995) - and unbelievable (1995) - the Shatt al-Hanan (1996) - Arjolha (1996) is gone (1997) - the complainant (1997) - my heart Bertahalk (1998) - Hey crazy (1999) - the right hand of God (2000) - Stales Ask (2001) - nostalgic (2002) - have letters (2003) - between hope and fear (2004) - times (2004) - normal (2005) - my life (2006) - else my heart (2007) - the text of the case (2008) - disunity years (2009) - you wish Act (2010) - Oh if Halchrisa Baga (2011) - Mesh Faker Lake (2012) - Hazrat position (2012) - My feelings (2012) - what Osmahlk (2012) - Personal stubborn (2012).
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