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Assi, a singer and musician Lebanese, born November 28 1970 Beirut - Lebanon.
Assi, a singer and musician Lebanese, born November 28 1970 Beirut - Lebanon.

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Nickname: WX
Birth name: Mohammed decorated Hellani
Titles: Knight singing Arab
Country: Lebanon
Date of birth: November 28, 1970
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Work: singing
Type: traditional songs, modern Arabic songs
Years of work: 1994 - yet
Marital status: Married
Wife: Colette Paul
Children: Marietta, Dana, newborn

Biography Life Story:

Assi was born in 1970 in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, belongs to a family consisting of 13 Baalbugeh brother and sister. Married to Miss Lebanon previous Colette Paul, a father of three children: two daughters (Marietta, Dana) and son (Walid). He participated in the talent "art studio" program and won the silver award for the Color folklore, also made a series of albums: home Palace, Mahlana Sawa Sawa, Mehr decorations .. before it achieves stardom with the song "I am a rogue Merritt" from the album of the same name. He signed a contract with 'Rotana' as a producer and distributor of albums. After its adherence to the conditions deemed necessary for the support of his songs and his art, especially with regard to exclusivity display music videos.
Hellani sang the words of the elite poets of Arab song, but the lion's share was a great lyric poet Nizar Francis, which he described in one of the few media appearances as a "twin soul." The richness of the Arab poet Nizar Qabbani, and poet Tarabay mercy, Tony Abi Karam, Ghanem serious Shaalan, and Saud Al Sharbatly, and cream of Iraq, and others. Where he addressed in his singing various topics, carrying his own vision to the art social and humanitarian message in the first place: sang of love and lovers and indispensable to the nation and the land .. and sang for the mother and sang-styled anti-hunger and poverty .. and through his songs for the national commitment and national sense sang for Palestine, Lebanon and the children of Iraq it was "a flag Naam universe "and" our strength our unity "and" coming to "and" steadfast "and" night of the homeland "and" Saket after you "and the list goes on. As the tune of more than 20 songs have been successful a song "O denier known" and "addicted Hoaki" and "a gunshot and my memories" and the wonderful "decision" and "Zgara the Near" and "six sixes" and "Beirut's uncle cry" and "Mamrna Tabek." As the tune six songs from his album "My heart," and a half songs album, "could", announcing his return to Rotana as a producer and distributor of music publications.
Assi an active participant in the global organization for the fight against poverty and hunger campaign, has been honored by many organizations, especially the United Nations, in recognition of his support of charities in the Arab world, especially those dealing with issues of children and women and the fight against poverty and social humanitarian and multiple activities.
Feet in his career 19 albums and dozens of music videos and dozens of national songs and music events (a song my mother, horses Arabs), and presented on runways Baalbek historical festival musical of heroism titled Opera estate with Abdel Halim Caracalla Theater, also participated in several Arab festivals

Artist Works:


House Palace - Hurray (1991) - Hawara (1992) - Mahlana only only (1992) - Mehr decorations (1993) - I am a rogue Merritt (1994) - O Meimeh (1996) - a very love (1997) - the sweetest eyes (1998 ) - longing deserts (1999) - Kid Amalk (2000) - Perfume love (2001) - resolution (2002) - a lifetime opportunity (2003) - Zgara the Near (2004) - My heart (2006) - our strength our unity (2007) - can (2008) - prayers (2009) - 010 (2010) - I am your soul (2011)

Video Clips:

I am a rogue Merritt - O denier known - oh Meimeh - Lille abandonment - the word lintel - I love you too - I walk to a present - they tortured me - Mali patience - longing deserts - All My Life Basmahm - Mattel lie - Kid Amalk - Come and cave - ah you - crazy - for in percentage - Daem Doom - Wafa title - addicted breeze - though high - Ghali - to say what the words - say Jaya - Zgara the Near - darling Lilly Nasceni - Stay in my heart - Salou his eyes - the door's uncle cry - voice marginal - Jen crazy - after Saket - Lebanese - Arab horses - can - the case of my heart - the desert of the Middle - Secretariat -

Patriotic songs photographer:

Steadfast - Lebanese - coming to - National dear - Strip wounded O Arabs - Unbelievable p earth compromise.


Within Jury program The Voice - the sweet voice with (Saher, Sherine Abdel Wahab, Saber).

Awards and Honors:

Generosity Arab music festival organized by the Arab Academy of Music in Dubai as the best voice of an Arab neighborhood on the stage in 2004, and received a large number of awards: AKP Almoriks Award as the best singer in 2005 and 2003, and won the song (Mali patience) Best Arabic song at the Cairo International Festival for Radio and Television Award in 1999, also he won his song (albeit high) best illustrated Arabic song award in 2003.

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