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Britney Spears, American singer and actress, was born on December 2, 1981 .
Britney Spears, American singer and actress, was born on December 2, 1981 in Mississippi.

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Birth name: Britney Jean Spears
Nickname: Britney Spears
Country: United States
Date of birth: December 2, 1981
Place of birth: Mississippi, and M. A.
Work: singing, poetry, dance, acting
Genre: Pop, rock, hip-hop
Musical instruments: guitar, piano
Working years: 1998 - yet
Production company: Jive Records
Martial status: single
Parents: James Pearl Spears, Lenny Larini

Biography Life Story:

Britney Spears was born on December 2, 1981 in Mississippi, and raised in Louisiana. Second child Lenny Larini's Pearl and James Spears. Strong English roots through her grandmother, who was born in London, has two brothers are Brian James and Jamie Lynn.
Britney started singing since she was a child, Lead Actress in school plays and in television. In the third age of Britney began taking dance lessons in Louisiana, I have been chosen to perform a lot of occasions. In her childhood was also faring Gymnastics Club and take singing lessons, and won many awards at the state level .. Britney began locally fifth-old sang "What Child Is This?" In kindergarten. She said of her passion in her childhood, "I was in my own world ... I found what I want to become an early age." At the age of eight, Britney and her mother Lenny traveled to Atlanta to experience the acceptance in the nineties for the "home of Mickey Mouse Club." Director Matt Kasla Britney rejected for being small at the time, but he knew the Nancy Carson, talent agent in New York. Carson was dazzled voice Britney and abilities and suggested that perhaps the intervention of Art and Music Institute: Shortly after, Lenny and her two daughters moved to an apartment in New York. Britney she had won her first professional in a major role in the play-Broadway musical Ruthless !. There were also a competitor in the famous talent show Star Search, and also a lot of television advertising. In December 1992 have been accepted in the "home of Mickey Mouse Club," but I came back to Louisiana after the cancellation of the program. Barkln then entered the Academy, close to the Mississippi. Although she made friends with her colleagues in the school, they compared the school to "start a scene in the movie Clueless ... I was very Mtmellh. I was in the basketball team at the school. I had a close friend, I went to the concert to go back and concert Christmas. But I want more "
It signed a contract with Java in 1997, in 1997, Britney was in discussions with the business manager if Pearlman to join the band lyrical Women Anusons. Lenny asked the opinion of a family friend and lawyer Larry Rudolph Bertna and sing it, and annexed to strip Britney sings a song by Whitney Houston with some pictures. Rudolph decided to put it in the record label, to record songs professional manner. Send her song was not sung by Tony Brixton: Britney trained them for a week and installed voice on the song with professional help audios in the company. Britney traveled to New York with the song and I met the discoverers of talent from the registration company, and returned to Louisiana in the same day. 3 of the discoverers rejected, especially since the audience was asked to songs dancer Kogana Backstreet Boys and the Spice Girls, and "not supposed to Madonna's new show, a new Oedipal Gibson Ootefana new." Another two weeks and then contacted by Jayv record label. Vice president of iPod & Company R. Jeff Vingstr said about the audition Britney "It was very rare to hear someone at this age and can communicate feelings this way ... any artist audacity-appointed Alnmr- very important. And Britney were having this eye." It gave her dates to work with producer Eric Foster, who developed her voice from "low" to "orderly." After hearing the first sample, President Cliff Kladr agreed to produce an entire album, and the plan was in the beginning, "Sheryl Crow but the format of youth and the contents of the youth," but after the study with the producers changed to "Bob because they can dance on them, to make them alive", then flew to Sweden, where recorded half the album from March to Oberl 1998, with producer Max Martin, Rami Deniz Bob James and many others.
After that Britney returned to the United States of America, Britney began advertising a tour in preparation for the next album in the shopping malls. The show was made up of four songs and supported the presentation Bracassan backgrounds. The first was to open her concert band 'N Sync.
In its first decade in the music world figure memorable public center and in her personal life also became. Olbomaha first, second and Momani in lyrical brand unforgettable box and smashed records in sales, while the singles "Baby Wen Moore Time" and "Oops! ... I Did It Again" Osubho of the First World songs. And it became one of the artists who have created a change in the world of pop in the late nineties.
Oberl in 1999, Britney appeared on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine lying on the bed, as I knew her clothing bold in their offers that were offered in the rounds
In this year and the subsequent released several albums and made several rounds.

Artist Works:


1999. Her first album. Habibi again, become the most albums selling over the history of the artists adolescents. The song included the major title for the album was released a song main single for the album. Download video clips idea of ​​school student.
2000. The second album. Oops! ... I did it again Oops! ... I Did It Again
2001. The third album. Misc Britney
2003. The fourth album. In The Zone, first ascended the ranks comic for his songs "Mi Oqanst The Music," "Toxic (cm)" and "Every Time."
2007. fifth album. Black Ott (Blackout). In spite of the weak for the album announcement, his songs "my values ​​Moore (succeeded Give me more)" and "Pace Of Mai (Mqatlta).
2008. sixth album. The circus has been issued, with the global hit song "and Omnaiser (womanizer)."
2011. seventh album. Wim Vitale (dangerous) Women, became the first album of his songs, which leads the three comic ranked first in the United States.


1999. Britney began the first round in her life, and the Baby Wen Moore Time North American tour, which drew some criticism. The reason is to wear bold
2000. Crazy Ki-2 and sang excerpts from her second album in the display. Oops! ... I did it again
2009. The Circus starring Britney Spears. Higher global technical tour in terms of profits in all the previous rounds.
December 2000 resulted in the MTV Awards in comic songs. In the half-width black Bdltha torn to reveal a complete suit the color of her skin, but Haktha dance spectacular. Critics Alqo that Britney showed at that moment it was the singer has come possibilities.
2011. World Tour Opus Aye Dade data Akin

Films :

2001. Her only tournament Crossroads (Crossroads)

Wrote :

2011. Heart to Heart, written with her mother
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