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Cheb Khaled, singer of Algerian rai music, was born on February 29, 1960.
Cheb Khaled, singer of Algerian rai music, was born on February 29, 1960 in Sidi Hawari district of Oran in Algeria. He holds French citizenship and Moroccan citizenship, too.

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Birth name: Khaled Hadj Brahim
Nickname: Cheb Khaled
Titles: King of Rai
Country: Algeria
Date of birth: February 29, 1960
Place of birth: Hamri, Sidi El Houari, Oran, Algeria
Work: singer, songwriter, guitarist
Type: Ray, Pop, Blues, Jazz
Musical instruments: guitar, Dermz, banjo, fiddle, harmonica, accordion, synthesizer
Years of work: the seventies - so far
Production company: Universal Recordings
Marital status: Married
Wife: Samira Diaby (1995)

Biography Life Story:

Cheb Khaled was born on February 29, 1960 in Sidi Hawari district of Oran in Algeria. And also holds French citizenship, he began recording his songs at the age of adolescence. Months can be considered today internationally Arabic singer. At the age of fourteen Khaled form the first band under the name "Cinq étoiles" no "five-star band", and began to offer performances with Auza Boys who taught him opinion through weddings, nightclubs local nightlife. His first single under the name "Trigue Lycée" log ( "The Road to High School") at the same age and quickly affected in the early eighties by changes rai music, which encouraged adding Western instruments and techniques of modern studio.
In 1992 (Please find your music segment in 1992) after he dropped the title "young man" from its name Khaled album issued in his name this album was the reason for his fame as a star Veaa valuable valuable between France and Moroccan immigrants in various parts of the world. The increasing number of valuable Altsniat valuable his fans all over the world, and collaborated with many hip-hop artists. Khaled stardom achieved valuable France, his homeland Algeria and the world Araba.tad famous Diddy song song quite popular in the Arabic-speaking countries, as well as in many other countries, including India and Backstan.logneh also used in Bollywood valuable film entitled "Sherman Lover" and sold album millions of copies of which more than a million and a half in Europe only
In 1999, he joined Khaled Rachid Taha and Faudel at a concert in Oomnspor de Palace Paris Bercy entitled suns 1, 2 and 3, which was released later as an album depicts the ceremony depiction Hyaoukd achieved album big sales in France and the United States and the Arab world, where he sold more than five million copies.
And in the twelfth of July 2008, Khalid appeared in Liverpool Orchestra Hall to participate in the Arab Arts Festival Liverpool, as part of the celebration, "Liverpool: European Capital of Culture for 2008".
In 2009 issued album (Freedom), which has achieved great success in Europe and cleats made the album three surpassed sales of millions of copies in less than a month and is Cheb Khaled bestseller in France and America, Europe and India singer Arab to that link sales to Brazil, where he sold more than a quarter of a million The copy Vehaukd Cheb Khaled historical Bhvlh with the star Mohamed Mounir where attendance exceeded percent Thirty thousand spectators and is an overwhelming success as his record as the highest attendance for this year and on the Arabs Almatarba.
The lyrics Khaled politically feature supports the emancipation of women and to demand greater democracy. And is the first Arab artists who could deliver the Arab song and take it out to the world through the Algerian song opinion is the most important qualities of this artist humility and simplicity has contributed to the success of more than an artist, whether in Algeria or in the Arab world may lend a helping hand to fellow Faudel and Lebanese Diana Haddad and singer Amr Diab that has done Dyohat with them without any complications or grow it and the testimony of senior Arab artists featuring you rai, Cheb Khaled lightly the blood and the simplicity that is lacking in today most of the Arab artists Lyrics record that does not include the number of albums released on cassette in Algeria at the beginning of his career, The number Albums unofficial.

Artist Works:

Studio albums:

- Hada Rekoum (1985)
- Fiore But where? (1988)
- Kochi, net Birch (1988) of songs: owners of gunpowder
- Khaled (1992) of songs: Dee Dee - Ne m'en voulez pas - Dee Dee (1997)
- ANSI ANSI (1993) of songs: Serbian Serbs - young - I forget I forget (1994) - Boukta (1995)
- Desert (1996) of songs: an existence (1996) - the day came - the Crown of the Dark - Night (1997)
- Treasure (1999) Lyrics: This is the night - wine Bayonet (2000)
- Oh my opinion (2004) Lyrics: Oh my opinion - Zain Accessories
- Not to Abarta (2009).

Concerts Hawa albums directly:

- Concert (1998)
- Suns 1, 2 and 3 with Rachid Taha and Faudel (1999)

Groups Lyrics:

Group songs Cheb Khaled (1991) - a collection Songs Cheb Khaled (1992) - a collection Songs Cheb Khaled (2005) - the spirit of Songs Rai (2005) - years rai (2005) - arrived on the Prophet (2006) - the story of the spirit of Morocco .. Cheb Khaled, 1986- 1990 (2006) - I'm Gate I Gate (2006) - best Lyrics (2006)
The earth tremble song (2003 yet to be released in an album).
Of indigenous film (Days of Glory) (2006): Oh Dzaar - Babor.

soundtrack :

Un deux trois soleil (1993)
Life expectancy (1995): Didi
Party girls (1995): Les Ailes
Arabic 100% (1997): Oran Oran - Cameleons Cheb Mami
The Fifth Element (1997): La Leche Taddei (Note: This song appeared T. in the film, but did not show a musician, an official pictorial film
Villa Madalin (1999): Arab
Originally the dominant (2000): I am and I am. Hopes Oih - omitted the role of O Sheibani
The fact Charlie (2002): Raghda.
Thief Tayeb (2003): midnight.
The other side (2004)
Indigenous peoples, Days of Glory (2006): Hey Desiree (two versions) - Massoud's death - nostalgia - at the cemetery - Babor
Taxi 4 (2004): Bunty (Holiday) Melissa wisit - Memo Vatiqi (Magique System)

Awards and Honors:

1989 - Award for best song in France (Aahabh)
1992 - Top 50 MTV award in America
1993 - Venice Film Festival Fifty
1994 - Cesar Award - for the best movie soundtrack - suns 1, 2 and 3
1995 - Victories Music (Artist of the Year)
1997 - World Music Festival Awards - (album Desert)
1997 - Victories music (the best song of the year) (Aisha)
1998 - Oscar-winning soundtracks for film music (The Fifth Element)
1998 - MTV Award in the European
1999 - World Music Festival Awards - suns 1, 2 and 3 (with Rachid Taha and Faudel)
2005 - R3 awards - awards the BBC World Music - (winner in the Middle East and North Africa)
2005 - The Montreal International Jazz Festival (Antonio Carlos - Jobim Award)
2005 - Grammy JAM (Best duet with Carlos Santana)
2005 - Fantasies peoples and records Atiyon - (empowerment of the Year Award, to spread the message of peace)
2006 - The Mediterranean Festival of Creativity Award
2008 - Dutch Virsti German Academy Award for Music
2009 - Award a BMI of America for Best Video Clips (Khalid and Magique System)
2009 - Big Apple World Music Award (best-selling Arab artist in America)
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