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Cheb Mami, an Algerian rai singer with an international reputation, was born July 11, 1966.
Cheb Mami, an Algerian rai singer with an international reputation, was born July 11, 1966 in the west of Algeria.

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Nickname: Cheb Mami
Birth name: Mohammed Khelifati
Location: Algeria
Date of birth: July 11, 1966
Place of birth: happy, Algeria
Titles: Prince of Rai
Work: singing
Type: Rai
Working years: 1982 - yet
Social life: Married

Biography Life Story:

Cheb Mami was born on July 11, 1966 in Weird wad a slum area in western Algeria happy, and his father, who worked in a paper factory was a tough man, was not what earns enough to feed nine children. And forced this small family situation Mami age to accept work in anything to help his father on earning a living. And noon-mile Mami about singing since an early age. It was said to have preferred repeating melodies and pieces of "bizarre songs" instead of carrying out its duties tuition. It ended up becoming sing at weddings and nightclubs when he grew up.
When 16-year-old reached, wowed viewers Mami "composed by young people," the television special young talent his performance an old song dating back to 1920 from Oran accent and tone Ondlcetan very workmanship, and a song like this program is the basis of what is known as the view. Public and the injured disappointed when denied Mami first prize. It is reasonable that the secret admiration Cheb Mami early this musical genre back to Rai grew up in the arms of the poor and the marginalized. Mami, he wrote on his Web site that "singers marginalized and often widows, divorcees and the outcasts, the poor and the displaced are the ones who invented opinion. They inspired so creativity of their suffering and misfortune using flute old to improvise this lyrical product was adopted by the guys later."
And between 1982 and 1985 sold Mami hundreds of thousands of copies of numerous tapes produced. And when the authorities canceled a ban on this music in 1985, it was the beginning of Cheb Mami alongside Cheb Khaled through the first festival of the Ray which was organized in Oran.
"In the beginning it was difficult because the authorities said rai music kind of tacky because we use simple words-slang words. Were not felt or expressed the aesthetic life. Rather, we sang for our daily lives," said Mami channel CNN. "Today, opinion is acceptable to the people. It even became a popular and wide because the authorities felt that this musical genre has succeeded in overcoming the limits of the Arab world, have also come to say that part of our culture-in the past they used to say just the opposite."
After his performance in 1986, accompanied by Cheb Khaled in Bobigny Festival in France, Mami succeeded in signing a contract lyric, and then revived concert on the stage of the famous precedent for this singer Ray Olympia Theater Parisian. And a short period after the Olympia concert, recorded his first album, titled "Donny for my country." Having recruited by military service in Algeria for two years, he returned to Paris to resume his career. And then issued a "Khalona cry alone" in America in 1990. Mami boosted his fame in France, a place of new residence by issuing a "happy" in 1995, and "Mali Mali" in 1999, which reached the highest level of sales in France, and became Mami star internationally collaborated with the singer Sting famous in the song "desert rose" (Brand New Day, 1999).
Released a song a duet with singer Kazem Al Saher called (I sit in the cafe).
In 2002, Dio with Samira Saeed issued under the title "Day of Laura Day." He classifies his latest album "semantic" (2001) within a mixed opinion Balongam blockbuster, flavored pop and reggae music Alrajamavn. He holds a distinctive sign of the prince of rai, Cheb Mami P managed over the years to develop his musical style.
Cheb Mami for the daughter of the French journalist and photographer Kamah.
On July 3, 2009 Aboubinah Criminal Court ruled in Barysalta founded by Pedro kawan five years in prison against the window Cheb Mami, on charges of attempted forced abortion, which began in the summer of 2005, the lives of his ex-lover of French nationality Isabelle Simon, released on Wednesday, March 23, 2011.

Artist Works - Albums:

Prince of Rai (1989), let me cry (1999), Happy (1994), Adoni for my (1996), Mali Mali (1999), semantic (2001), from north to south (2003), the neighborhood at the Grand Rex (2004) , s (2006).
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