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كريسي فريق tigen قصة حياة، الأزياء الأميركية عارضة.
Chrissy Tigen life story, casual American fashion, was born on November 30, 1985 in Utah of the United States.

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Name: Chrissy Tigen
Titles: Chrissy myth.
Country of citizenship: the United States.
Country of residence: United States.
Date of Birth: November 30, 1985.
Place of Birth: Delta, Utah, United States.
Work: Modjel
Type: lingerie, bikini
Years of work: 2006 - until now.
Marital status: Married (2013).
Husband: John Legend (American singer).
Sons: Luna Simon Stevens.
Height: 174 cm

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Chrissy Tigen was born in 1985 in the city of Delta, Utah United States. Her father was a Norwegian origin and electrically, and her mother Thai origin, the family moved several times, from Hawaii to Idaho, Snohomish, Washington, the family settled in Huntington Beach, California, when she was a teenager.
Promising American pop star John Legend for four years, and then got engaged to him in 2011, married him in 2013, and gave birth to the first baby through artificial insemination in 2016, and fired by name Luna Simone Stephens.
Discovered by one of the paparazzi and appeared on the cover of the magazine in 2014.autam selected as the face of media for several trademarks including: Gillette Venus, Olay, Nike, Skullcandy headphones, clothing companies and others.
Her hobbies of cooking and writing and is also active on a blog (, and dealing with the cooking around the world.
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