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Courtney Cox

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The life story of Courtney Cox, American actress, born on June 15, 1964.
The life story of Courtney Cox, American actress, born on June 15, 1964 in Alabama - the United States.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Courteney Cox
Full name: Courteney Bass Cox
Titles: Cisse, Coco
Country Nationality: United States
Country of residence: United States
Date of Birth: June 15, 1964
Place of Birth: Birmingham, Alabama, United States.
Work: actress, fashion model
Years of work: 1984 - until now.
Marital status: Married.
Husband: David Arquette (1999).
Sons: Coco Riley Arquette (2004).
Father: Richard Cox (businessman).
Mother: Courtney Copeland.
Brothers: Virginia, Dottie, and Richard Junior.
Height: 165 cm

Biography Life Story:

Courteney Cox was born in 1964 in Birmingham, Alabama in the United States. Of Southern wealthy family and grew up amid velvety society. Her father is a businessman Richard Courtney Cox and her mother. They were smaller brethren Virginia, Dottie, and Richard Junior. She got a divorce between her parents in 1974 and then decided to move to the parent Florida.
As a result, it became a teenage rebel on everyone, especially on her mother and husband of her mother businessman Hunter Copeland New Yorker, but now has become a good friend to them.
In Hay Brook High School, he has been encouraging sports teams, the player ground pool and tennis courts. In the last year of the study it received its first test in order to become a fashion model. He appeared in a declaration in favor of the shop (Parisians). After graduating from high school she left Alabama and attended the University of Mount Vernon devoted to studying architecture and home decor. After one year, it withdrew from the college in order to focus more on the agency to produce the Ford Supermodel that belong in the same year. She appeared in numerous covers of magazines such as teenagers: Tiger Beat, Little Miss, and a number of casings emotional novels. Then headed to do business ads in favor of several brands such as: Mepelaan, Nnoxama, New York phone company, and Tambaks.
While the fashion offerings they were attending lessons for the representation of where the real dream and professional ambition to be represented. In 1984, he participated in one episode of the series (As the World Turns), and achieved wide fame through acting in the video clip (Dancing in the Dark) singer Bruce Springsteen, in 1985 she moved to Los Angeles for the championship series (Misfits of Science ). After several years have been selected to play a role in the series (Family Ties).
In the year 1989 has been suspended production of the series Family Ties, and witnessed a march Courteney Cox technical setback and made a bad film (Mr. Destiny) in 1990 and in 1994, her career is back on track by agreeing to the movie starring (Ace Ventura: Pet Detective) than impressive viewers with increased . Finally, Cox has achieved her dream of doing a role in the famous series (Friends) who introduced between 1994-2004.
After overwhelming success in the comedy performance I decided to test its capabilities in personal dramas blind girl raped in the TV movie (Sketch Artist II: Hands that See) in 1995. Then managed to all her colleagues in the run-up to the series (Friends) to fame on the film when she starred level the film (Scream) in 1996, and after achieving success, the performance of the same character in the following sections (Scream 2) and (Scream 3) 1997 and 2 Courteney Cox respectively.
Unfortunately, her performance in the film (Commandments) in 1997 did not achieve her success. After a series of successful films in 2001 and is 3Courteney Cox Miles to Gracel, The Shrink Is In, and Get Well Soon, the Courteney Cox focused on their representation in the popular drama series and her marriage to David Arquette, who share the title role in three of the film series Scream parts. By the end of the last part of the series of Friends in 2004 after the birth of her daughter Coco, he decided to fight the field of production through the establishment of artistic production company in partnership with her husband and he called (Coquette) and starting to produce realistic program (Mix It Up) 2003-2004 season. The program revolves around the story to conciliate between the couple or lovers on the verge of separation.
Traveled Courteney Cox in the emotional lives of several men, as prepared Michael Keaton Representative from 1989 until 1995, and then prepared Ian Copeland for a short time, a musician brother Stewart Copeland and close a pair of her mother Hunter Copeland, then prepared a singer Adam Doritz several months in 1997 . and recently announced her engagement to the Jewish David Arquette, who met him for the first time during the filming the movie Scream, and married him in 1999.

Artist Works:


Down Twisted, Masters of the Universe (1987), Cocoon: The Return (1988), Mr. Destiny (1990), Blue Desert (1991), Shaking the Tree (1992), Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (1994), Scream (1996), Commandments, Scream 2 (1997), The Runner (1999), Scream 3 (2Courteney cox), 3Courteney cox Miles to Graceland, The Shrink Is In, Get Well Soon (2001), Alien Love Triangle (2002), November (2004), The Longest Yard (2005), Barnyard, Zoom, The Tripper (2006), Scream 4 (2011).

TV Movies:

Code Name: Foxfire, Misfits of Science (1985), Sylvan in Paradise (1986), If It's Tuesday, It Still Must Be Belgium (1987), I'll Be Home for Christmas (1988), Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (1989 ), Curiosity Kills (1990), Battling for Baby (1992), Sketch Artist II: Hands That See (1995).

TV Series:

As The World Turns (1984), Misfits of Science (1985), The Love Boat, Murder- She Wrote (1986), Family Ties (1987/1989), Till We Meet Again (1989), Morton & Hayes (1991), Dream On (1992), The Trouble With Larry (1993), Seinfeld (1994), Friends (1994/2004), Dirt (2007).

Production (in movies and TV series):

The Shrink Is In (2001), Mix It Up (2003), Talk Show Diaries, Daisy Does America (2005), The Tripper (2006), Dirt (2007).

Awards and Honors:

On the list of the 50 most beautiful woman of 1995 by People magazine.
Best mistress nationality for the year 1995 by Playboy magazine.
Best undiscovered represented in the (Golden Apple Festival) in 1995.
Dude best TV actress in 1997.
Center 9 to the subject of the most exciting women for the years 1997 and 1998 in a referendum to the readers of FHM magazine.
Best dual-loving (in addition to David Arquette) for their roles in the movie Scream 3 in 2Courteney Cox.
18th place on the subject of the most exciting women's land for the year 2002 in a referendum Stuff magazine.
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