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Daniella Rahme

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Daniella Rahme, an introduction to the Lebanese programs.
Daniella Rahme, an introduction to the Lebanese programs, and a former beauty queen, was born in Lebanon.

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Name: Daniella Rahme
Titles: Miss Amoterpah
Location: Lebanon
Place of Birth: Lebanon
Work: rendering software
Marital status: single mom

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I was born Rahme Daniella was born in Lebanon, of Lebanese parents emigrated to Australia during the Lebanese civil war, which at the time was a little girl, and I grew up there, that I decided to return to Lebanon to live in the lap of her home country.
In Australia, her father insisted on her education and her sister and her brother, the Arabic language, even sixteen were in Lebanese school learning Arabic at home speak Arabic, but at sixteen she moved to an Australian school Vtosrt language Arab, especially in writing, despite the fact that her family speak Arabic at home, when she returned to Lebanon he regained Talaguetha out quickly.
Her father was working with the Chairman of the Organizing agency sponsoring the concert elected Miss Lebanon in Australia, he asked Director on the age of his daughter and was then eighteen, Vcdjah to allow it to participate in the Miss Lebanon in Australia, where she won the title of Miss Lebanon for expatriates.
He studied media in Australia, and when he participated in the beauty pageant was cut off for the study.
Daniela is currently offering "X Factor" program along with Basil Alazaru, submitted the first version with the Egyptian actress Yousra Lozi.

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