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David Schwimmer

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The life story of David Schwimmer, US actor and director.
The life story of David Schwimmer, US actor and director, born on November 2, 1966 in New York State - the United States.

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Biography Information of David Schwimmer.
Biography Life Story of David Schwimmer.

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Name: David Schwimmer
Country Nationality: United States of America.
Religion: Judaism.
Date of Birth: November 2, 1966
Place of Birth: Astoria, New York, United States.
Work: acting, production, output.
Type: Cinema, TV, Theater.
Marital status: Married.
Wife: Zoe Bachman.
Sons: Clio Bachman Schwimmer
Father: Aturniz Arthur.
Mother: Arlene Coleman Schwimmer.

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David Schwimmer was born in 1966 in Astoria, New York - United States, to a Jewish family, his father named Aturniz Arthur and his mother named Arlene Coleman Schwimmer, and has a sister older than him, when he was two years old he moved to Los Angeles and grew up there.
David Schwimmer studied at the School (Beverly Hills) High School, and was performing roles in school plays, he graduated in 1984, then enrolled at the University (Northwestern) and graduated and received the Bachelor of Arts in theater and speech, co-founder of the theater (LookingglassTheatre Company) . Until the end of 1980, he was living in Los Angeles as an actor, struggling in the search for technical success, and the performance of several TV roles, that gained international fame in the series represent frinds role Rs Geller.
David Schwimmer starred in the first film, The Pallbearer in 1996, which was followed by another starring in the film Kissing a Fool in 1998, and the film Six Days Seven Nights 1998, Oadhavielm Apt Pupil, and film Picking Up the Pieces in 2David Schwimmer. In 2001, playing the role of Herbert Sobel in the TV series Short Band of Brothers, then returned to complete the television his career in the series frinds until 2004, also starred in the drama Duane Hopwood, and in 2005, such as his vote in the movie cartoonish Madagascar, in the 2006 play the title role in the movie Big Nothing, followed thereafter Pflim in 2008 Nothing But the Truth, and the film Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa. In 2005, he starred on the London stage in the play Some Girl, and The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial then start his career as a director in the movie film Run Fatboy Run.
In 2David Schwimmer promising David Schwimmer singer Australian Natalie, then a promising Israeli actress Millie, to be met in 2007, the photographer photographic Zoe Bachman where the friendship began turned into a sermon and marriage in 2010, and the couple has a daughter Highness Clio Bachman Schwimmer in 2011.
David Schwimmer owns homes in both Chicago and New York and Los Angeles.
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