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Elisa, a Lebanese singer, was born on October 27, 1971.
Elisa, a Lebanese singer, was born on October 27, 1971 in Lebanon.

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Biography Information:

Birth name: Left Zakaria Khoury
Nickname: Elisa
Country: Lebanon
Date of birth: October 27, 1971
Place of birth: Red Deer, Lebanon
Work: singing
Working years: 1992 - now
Production company: Rotana
Marital status: single mom
Parents: Zakaria Khoury, starboard Saud

Biography Life Story:

Elisa was born on October 27, 1971 in the Lebanese town of Deir Al-Ahmar (a town in the Bekaa). Um Syria (starboard Saud) and Lebanese father (Zakaria Khoury), which consists of her family of three daughters (left, Norma and ...) and 3 youth (Ghassan and Jihad and Camille), and studied at a boarding school and had not see her family except holidays, joined the Faculty of Science political Lebanese university but did not complete consideration are the university. Were related to her father, poet and teacher of Arabic language, "Zakaria Khoury" to a large degree, has joined the Faculty of Political Science at his father died in 2004.
When I got to the age of 16 years I got to know the late great artist Wasim Tabara which Ohrkha in his band "Ahansonyi," and make them participate in the political dramas satirical he authored, and stood through it to the public on a stage "theater at ten" Théâtre de 10 heures, but did not considering leaving school to please her father, whose condition has to consent to enter the art will be after her promise to him that bother studied first.
The artistic beginnings in 1992 when I was in the studio art program, which was presented to the Lebanese LBC channel, was still linked to study and work also theater, he managed to divide her time on the three places diligently and seriously severe, so I got from the program for the silver medal.
After the program has participated in several concerts, until 1999, the year in which it launched her first album "Baddi Doub" and EMI with the company "Lido Brod_kinz."
It is one of the prominent stars of the Arab music scene and is the best-selling Arab artist and is also the first Lebanese singer winning the only global music and Arab obtained by three times in 2005, 2006 and 2010 award.
Dreaming of the composition of the family and have children, whether boy "age" or girl "Jasmine" because she loves Arabic names, from Her hobbies are sports and travel, love the color white and prefer perfume "Geevinchi" and she loves to ride "BMW" and lead the SUV. Before becoming an artist was like to be a presenter at the television stations, has advanced to the casting in the LBC station and the stations again.
As for the emotional ties associated with the composer and distributor of Armenian origin Guy Monukaan, and this is the only emotional attachment in her career, but that soon ended the relationship, it is said that the reason is the desire of Elissa to marry and start a family while Monukaan was not ready to settle, knowing that guy Monukaan He had married in 2008 to a Lebanese girl.

Artist Works:


Baddi Doub (1999) - Akharta with you (2000) - ayshalak (2002) - the sweetest minimum (2004) - Bastanak (2006) - Ayami Bik (2007) - incredible, Maine (2009) - the happiest one (2012).

Video clips:

Baddi Doub (1998) - and Okhrta with you (2000) - Betgheeb Betrooh (duet with Ragheb Alama 2001) - ayshalak (2002) - the most beautiful sense (2003) - Lebanese Night (duet with Chris De Burgh 2003) - Every day in my life (2004 ) - Come longing (2005) - love wrench (2005) - Bastanak (2006) - if Tarafo (2007) - Pettmon (2008) - late Winter (2009) - the Bali Habibi (2010) - incredible, Maine (2011).


Baddi Doub (with French singer Gerard Ferrer in 1999 the "Gipsy").
Betgheeb Betrooh (with Ragheb Alama 2000).
Lebanese Nights Lebanese Nights (with Irish singer Chris de Berg 2001).
Halili Dnyaya (Algerian rai artist Cheb Mami 2007).
And a life of love (returned in Turkish with Turkish singer who sang order cross-section in Arabic).
Faces Spirit (with Fadl Shaker 2009).

Advertisement :

Elisa is considered more an Arab artist who has been contracted to carry out advertising campaigns for global products, including:
Pepsi (2003) - two glasses, "Vogue" and "Ray Ban" - the company "Lux" to take care of the cleanliness of the skin - hours "Corum" - mobile phones, "Samsung" - Head Shoulders said.
Elisa also chosen to be the face propaganda for "International Organization for gold" in partnership with the company, "azure" for the gold industry. And selected by the French company Georges Stahl to make perfume bears its name "Elle D 'Elissa in 2007.

Awards and Honors:

Elissa got Almiosek global Ord Award three times, for the most sales of the Arab world and North category Africa, in 2005 and 2006 and 2010. He also got in the same year on the Murex D'or as the best singer award, and in 2008, Elisa got the best Arab singer award .
Clips got "love pain" the best clip for the 2005 award, and also got the song "the most beautiful sense of" best video clip award. I got the same song as "the most beautiful sense of" the best clips in Arabic ceremony "Oscar Video Clips" in Sharm el-Sheikh award. It has got a Middle East Award and responded the best singer in the Middle East for 2008 from the Commission Guild Egyptian artists has got Elissa African Music Award responded for the third time in 2010. He also got a Murex Dorovdil CLIPS Award for the song "Pettmon" and also the best song Pettmon for 2008. He also got four awards at the ceremony, "the Celebrity Owardz."
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