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Elissar, whose real name is Mary Abu Murad, a Lebanese dancer.
Elissar, whose real name is Mary Abu Murad, a Lebanese dancer, was born in 1981.

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Nickname: Elissar
Birth name: Mary Abu Murad
Location: Lebanon
Date of birth: 1981
Work: dance
Type: Belly Dance
Marital status: single mom
Brothers: liters, ISO

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Elissar was born in 1981, belongs to the family of the middle class, he joined at the beginning of her life in one of the specialized study of nursing schools, before heading to the field of dance, where the dancers known as one of the Arab stimuli.
The technical start of the journey, "Elissar" by participating in the "Studio Art" program, where she met the director, "Simon brown" was first submitted to the program "Tnh and ataxia." Began Bnkadim dance offers on special occasions Khflat wedding and local restaurants in Lebanon, to be taken to brighten the star and spread her will and became salutes dances in the Gulf countries such as the UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait and Egypt all the way to London, Paris, Monaco and India.
He went Lebanese singer then to sing, where the famous artist exhibition combines dancing and singing, it issued the first videoclips them contain Rqstha accompanying the song "Give Me More" collected through it between the western and eastern performance, as the first album, the music released in 2005.
Besides singing and dancing is one of the most important concern Pets hobbies young artist where they Humane Society member, and has called the animals his dog "Bella" and Slhvae and fish.
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