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Haifa Wehbe, a singer and an artist exhibition and Lebanese actress.
Haifa Wehbe, a singer and an artist exhibition and Lebanese actress, born on March 1976 10, in Beirut - Lebanon.

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Nickname: Haifa Wehbe
Full name: Mohammed Haifa Wehbe
Titles: perfume the night, the moon Rotana, butterfly valley, Marilyn Monroe Middle
Country: Lebanon
Religion: Islam (Shiite)
Date of Birth: January 101 976
Place of Birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Work: singing, acting
Type: Arabic songs
Working years: 1992 - yet
Production company: Melody, the art world (previously), Rotana
Marital status: divorced
Husband: Abu Hashima (II)
Children: Zainab
Father: Mehmet Vehbi
Brothers: Rola die (Model Lebanese)

Biography Life Story:

He was born in Haifa in 1976, in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, to the family of a Shiite Muslim father and a Lebanese mother Egyptian, and grew up in Beirut. She worked in her childhood in a jewelery shop. She won the beauty contest for Miss a Lebanese south, but the prize withdrawn because of the discovery of the organizers and the presence of her daughter from a previous marriage. She worked as a model in the agency's struggle Bhrawi at the age of 16 years old, as she was a girl statement, where in 1992 accounted for in the Declaration of "spaghetti Dana" on the Syrian Arab TV screen, and then worked Kmodel video clip in the song "Ground the lion" by the artist George Wassouf and, in the song "Yamimh" artist Assi.
She raised her song "Boss Wawa" a sensation since it was an exhibition erotic song and won great fame. I participated in the "valley Program" in 2005 on LBC channel, which depends on a reality TV style, made through a number of musical reviews and songs special atmosphere of the program. I participated Aljmaaki famous singer Shaggy at a concert in 2006 in Beirut.
Haifa Wehbe won on No. 49 from a list of more than 99 women, "Unloved" by website, and appeared in the list of the most beautiful women in People Magazine People's Magazine. Dubbed many titles, including "Scent of Night" from George Ibrahim Khoury and "moon Rotana" and "Butterfly Valley" and "Marilyn Monroe of the East". And she won dozens of awards and honors an artist a mass demonstration.
Haifa Wehbe married the son of her aunt, who divorced her after the couple had one daughter in 1998, and 24 April 2009 she married Egyptian businessman Ahmad Abu Hashima, but soon announced their divorce.
The captain Syrian artists morning Obaid preventing part of a group of Arab singers from singing in Syria under the pretext that they are singers file a naked exciting sexual instinct.
Haifa Wehbe is the big sister of the mother of the Lebanese casual controversial Rola die hand, and there is a dispute between them and a large media war reciprocal.

Artist Works:


Is the time (2002), I want to live (2005), Butterfly Valley (2006), my dear (2008), Baby Haifa (2010), Miss Universe (2012)

Video clips:

Tell Ahwak (2002) alone (2002), which became (2003), Ya Hayat Albi (2004), I want to live (2005), Recep (2005), I Am Haifa (2005), Boss Wawa (2006), the sense of what Pena (2007), Mosh Adra Astana (2007), we'll see (2008), Mottagolsh limit (2008), the son of muslim (2009), Baba Feen + when the sun Trouh (2009), 80 million sense (2010), you Tani (2010) , Yama Nights (2011), Bokra Bfarjik (2012), Miss universe (2012), What do I forget you (2013).


Sea Stars (2008), Dukan Shehata (2009), the sweetness of the Spirit (2014)


Her generator and Gabe (2013, was not presented because of productivity problems).
Words on paper (2014).

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