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Mariah Carey

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Mariah Carey, American singer and songwriter and producer.
Mariah Carey, American singer and songwriter and producer cylinders and actress, was born on March 27, 1970 Huntington, New York.

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Name: Mariah Carey
Country: Huntington, New York, United States
Date of birth: March 27, 1970
Place of birth: Huntington, New York
Work: singing
Genre: Pop, R & B, hip-hop, dance
Working years: 1988 - yet
Marital status: Married

Biography Life Story:

The beginning of her 1970 - 1987:

Mariah Carey was born on March 27, 1970 Huntington, New York. Of American religion, and her father Alfred Roy, out Ovargi and a Venezuelan, while the mother and father of Patricia (née Hickey) of Irish descent. Patricia's father died while she was young, however, inherited his love of music. Her career has developed into an opera singer every now and then trained voice, she met Alfred in 1960. As he began to earn a living as an engineer for the airline, Patricia married later that year, and moved to a small suburb in New York. After marriage, the family of Patricia disowned for marrying a man of African American Maria made it clear when I grew up at a later time, she said she felt neglected by the family of her mother, a brand that has affected them greatly: "Later I was like, 'Well, where are this will leave me? Am I a bad person? ' You know, the common denominator between being a multiracial person still exists, but I'm happy with who I am. " During a period of years between major Allison sister Maria and the birth of Maria Carey's family witnessed the personal conflicts within the community because of their ethnicity. Maria derives its name from the song "call the wind Maria", originally from the play Broadway musical in 1951 entitled "Draw your vehicle." When Maria was three years old, her parents separated and given the nature of arduous increasingly from their marriage.
Speaks Maria here about how it was a difficult childhood "This has been difficult for me, a lot of movement, I grew up on my own ... I have divorced my father. I always felt I was different from anyone else in the neighborhood, and I'm a different person ethnically. Sometimes, it can be be a problem. If you're looking a certain way, everyone will say 'white girl', I will go 'No, this is not what I am.' "
After their separation, big sister Maria Allison moved with her father, while the other two children stayed with Patricia. Over the years, Maria has grown away from her father, she stopped later in his vision. At the age of four, and he noted that she was Maria infiltrate and take the radio and put it under the bed covers at night, and sings from the heart, to try to find peace in music. In elementary school, she was excel in subjects that were enjoying it, such as art, literature and music, while not find interest in others. After several years of financial struggle, Patricia got enough money to move her family to a more stable and affluent sector in New York. Maria began writing poems and add melodies to them, and thus began touted Bmagn author while studying in secondary Harbovilds in Garinlan, New York. Even at an early age, Maria excelled in music, and has been able to master the whistle register, although initially only to master and control of the property through the training with her mother. Although the opening of her daughter in the world of classical opera, Patricia never feel pressure to pursue a career in this genre, it's also not interested in the world of music. Maria pointed out that it has kept its singer author of a secret, and pointed out that Patricia "Mom were not arrogant, has never said, 'that you must sing opera' I respect the opera, but did not affect Vinnie."
At the end of her high school has become within a relationship with Christopher Gavin, he partnered with musical aspirations. Duo wrote the song with some, however they are in need of assistant can result in an electric Oreg, "Let someone to come to but could not prohibitions, so by accident and agreed to Ben [Margulies], Ben came to the studio, did not know that playing electric Oreg very well - he was masterful in drumming - but after that day, we stayed in touch, and we started to write songs. " They began writing and composing songs in the basement of his father's shop, in recent years, Maria was in high school, having written the first song for the first time together, "Here we go in the second round," which she called Maria existence of the character of Motown records, they continued to write full sample bar. After Maria graduated from high school, her mother married again, prompting her in the end to get out of an apartment and her mother, Patricia, to the studio and one-bedroom in Manhattan, which has partnered with four other female. During this period, Maria worked several jobs as a waitress, and usually kicked after two weeks between the time intervals. While they need to work in order to pay the rent, the mind of Maria and effort is still with musical ambitions, and continued to work until the late hours of the night with Margulies, and hopes to finish the sample that can be transferred to the executives in the production companies bar. After the completion of four songs from the sample bar, Maria tried to shift to production companies, but failed to draw attention to some of the companies. It was at that time I got to know the popular pop singer Brenda Kyi. Star of Puerto Rico.

Technical inception and spread of 1988 - so far:

Maria had a friendly relationship with Star Gro, who did have an interest which is helping Maria to succeed in the music industry. On a Friday night in November 1987, it was accompanied by Maria Starr to register executives Festival, where he handed over its wire demo to Tommy Mottola, president of Columbia Records, who heard of him on the way back to his house. After he heard the first two songs from the demo tape, until he became enamored of the sound and the sound quality of Maria, who made it back to the event, but her grandfather had left the event. In what was described widely by critics as a like tale of Cinderella in modern times, after searching for Maria for two weeks, contact Maria at the end of the day across the Star Gro management, he signed a contract and began with immediately first appearance in mainstream music. Maria asked where she wants to continue working with Margulies, Tommy Mottola Maria made deals with top producers at the time, including Ric Wake, Narada Michael Walden and Rhett Lawrence. Tommy Mottola and working in Columbia Records had planned to make Maria Vthm major pop in the company, to compete with Whitney Houston and Madonna, who was signing to Arista records and Saira respectively.
Was it that first appeared in 1990 under the direction of Tommy Mottola, when the first studio album of the same name, "Mariah Carey" was launched, the album became a multi - platinum from the first four singles and reached the top spot on the chart the Billboard Hot 100, then married Tommy Mottola in 1993, fired from after several successful albums, including emotions (1991), Music box (1993) and Holiday Merry (1994), and this makes the position of the highest-selling artist in the recording of Colombia, daydreams (1995), which entered in musical history when the second song single from the album "one sweet day" with the band (Boyz II Maine) ruled the song sixteen weeks in the top spot on the chart the Billboard hot 100, the song longest song is considered eliminated in the first position on the chart hot Billboard 100, while recording the album Mariah Carey began to determine the background of new pop, and give up slowly for R & B and hip-hop, after splitting from Tommy Mottola, and this was the reason for the change is obvious music with the release of the album butterfly (1997).
Mariah Carey left Columbia Records in 2000, signed a contract with Virgin Records worth $ 100 million is a record, in 2001 ventured Maria in the film gloss, before the screening of the film exposed to the collapse of the physical, emotional and was hospitalized heavy to wear down, after so did Maria gloss reception for the film he is poor, has purchased the contract of Virgin records $ 50 million, which led to a decline in her career, then signed an agreement multimillion-dollar contract with Island records in 2002, after a period is successful, she returned to the top of the chart with the liberalization of Mimi (2005), the second song single "We belong together", which became the most successful song in the musical career, which was named at a later date, "a song the decade" by Billboard, Maria ventured back into his acting career, a game starring role in precious (2009) was her role in the film has received a good reception, I got the award "the new performance Award" at the Palm Springs international film Festival, and the nomination of the picture if any CB Award.
In career spanned more than two decades, Maria has sold more than 200 million studio album worldwide, making her one of the best-selling of all time musicians artists, in 1998 she was honored to be considered the best artist-selling in the world in the nineties in the distribution of the World Music Awards ceremony, also Maria was named the best-selling in 2000, the artist, according to the Federation of industry of American recordings, which is the third best-selling female in the United States with 63 million-selling in terms of albums, with the release of "my body Touch" (2008), Maria got eighteen songs in first place in the United States more than any other artist individually, apart from the commercial achievements, and Maria won five Grammy Awards, and is famous for its range of five-piece acoustic noisy, energy, and style Melesmatik and also vocal ability to beeping during singing.
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