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Myriam Fares, a Lebanese singer, was born in 1983 in southern Lebanon.
Myriam Fares, a Lebanese singer, was born in 1983 in southern Lebanon.

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Nickname: Myriam Fares
Full name: Mary Knight Joalad
Nationality: Lebanon
Date of Birth: May 3, 1983
Place of Birth: South Lebanon, Lebanon
Titles: Queen of the stage, the first young star
Work: singing, acting
Type: Arab music
Years of work: 2000 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Danny metric (2014)

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Myriam Fares was born in 1983 in southern Lebanon, the artistic beginnings in dance, because I learned ballet at the age of 5 years and in the 9-year-old participated in small talent show, which was broadcast Tele Liban and won the first prize for a dance class.
She currently resides in New kindergarten area in Beirut, one of a family of three sisters. Her sisters are Rola which its director and Ceyhan works in her father's gold jewelry design and has designed her finger nails of gold was famous in its infancy.
Myriam Fares recorded at the National Conservatory of Music "conservatory" for four years, and at the age of 16 participated in the Lebanese Song Festival on the TV screen to Lebanon where she won the Gold Award.
The art beginning with the Music Master company that has produced her debut album on the art scene, titled "I am longing" at the age of 20 years, and achieved great success.
In 2009, Miriam was the star of the Arab world concerts and why their reviews that accompanied the singing, making everyone Alqubha b (Queen of the theater) during the February Nights ceremony in Kuwait.
Google opted Myriam Fares company as ambassador to her, being the Arab character most-searched in Google in 2011

Artist Works:


I am longing (2003), Nadini (2005), Bet'oul er (2008), from my eyes (2011).

Video clips:

I am longing, do not ask me, Nadini, Ehglq convenience, Waheshni er, place Win, mesh selfish, Shety days, Betrouh, eh what is happening, Made Me, from my eyes, Gassayed, uh Lima, increasing them


- Ramadan 2010: "Fawazeer Miriam" presented to "channel Cairo and the people."
--2,011 Perform the main role in the Lebanese film "Selena."

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