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Myriam Klink, a mannequin Lebanese, was born in 1970.
Myriam Klink, a mannequin Lebanese, was born in 1970.

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Name: Myriam Klink
Country: Lebanon
Date of Birth: 1970
Work: model, singer
Years of work: the nineties - so far
Marital status: single mom

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I was born Myriam Klink in 1970, flashed their star in the fashion show in the nineties, and was one of the most prominent faces that participated in several music videos for top artists in the Arab world such as Assi in the song "Walk with the current," and Ehab Tawfiq in the song "Habibi" . After a long career in the fashion show decided the transition to the world of singing it launched in 2012 the first "Antar" song, which caused a lot of confusion.

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