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Naglaa Fathy, an Egyptian actress, was born on December 21, 1950 in Cairo, capital of Egypt.
Naglaa Fathy, an Egyptian actress, was born on December 21, 1950 in Cairo, capital of Egypt.

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Nickname: Naglaa Fathy
Full name: Fatima Zahra Hussain Ahmed Fathi
Titles: Flower cinema. Bride cinema
Location: Egypt
Date of Birth: December 21, 1950
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Work: representation
Years of work: 1966 - yet
Ex-husband: Ahmed Abdul Quddus, Saif Abu al-Naja
Current pair: Hamdi Qandil (Egyptian media)
Children: Jasmine Saif Abu al-Naja

Biography Life Story:

Naglaa Fathy was born on December 21, 1950 in Cairo, capital of Egypt, to parents Egyptians as "Fatima Zahra Hussein Fathi" I was born in the province of Fayoum and lived out her childhood has chosen her artistic name Abdel Halim Hafez. He was discovered by the producer, writer and artist born Adli Abdul Halim Hafez in Alexandria was a role in the film Friends three year 1966, while Ramses Najib was presented as a heroine in the film, directed by Ahmed Afrah Badrakhan 1968.
Naglaa Fathy her several marriages, the husband was her first is Ahmed Abdul Quddus, son of writer Ihsan Abdul Quddus, but the marriage did not last long, because it was a secret marriages agreed with her husband at the age of 18 years for fear of rejection of the parents, and soon collapsed relationship. Has one daughter named Jasmine from her ex-husband Saif Abu al-Naja, who married him in 1973 and divorced him in 1977. She is married now from journalist Hamdi Qandil since 1992.
The Hamdi Qandil revealed that Naglaa Fathy asked for his hand in marriage in a conversation a phone between them, when she told him, "I Htjosk today's deal," Kandil did not find is the word "great" to answer her question, to play Najla, breaking the tension by: Maak identity card ?, Laird it already is not with him, but she asked him to come to her home at five in the afternoon, along with the passport, prior to conclude her speech: "OK not Htrdja in your words," Laird them without hesitation, then "OK for sure." He admitted Qandil he impressed in style in the presentation of the marriage, and when he asked her what was going to do if remiss in admission, to respond to it, "Of course I thought Bs time Mcnch Hhzn Keteer you; because you're her watch Mesh Htkon deserve my trust in the wisdom of your mind, and thus mesh Htkon appropriate Leah pair."
You are currently under the auspices of one of the associations of children's activities are "my daughter" Association for orphans charity.

Artist Works:


- 1966. Flim my daughter and drummer - film splendor of love with Roshdy Abaza.
- 1968. joys.
- 1969. The son of Satan - the secrets of girls - a half hour passport.
- 1970. mirrors - thief paper - my life - the end of demons.
- 1971. 5 Street Habayeb - then the sun shines - Belle airport - a tasty trip - a date with your beloved - a boy and girl and the devil.
1972. Love and Pride  - from home to school - the passion and the flesh.
- 1973. Abu Rabi - my blood and my tears and my smile - lover spirit.
- 1974. The most beautiful days of my life - the great fulfillment - role.
- 1975. Sabreen - Love is sweeter than love.
- 1976. No time for tears - No, my darling from you.
- 1977. Mad Love - Sonia and Crazy - Year first love.
- 1978. Ouzkourini - Journey oblivion - Alexandria ... Why? - Love over the volcano.
- 1979. stronger than days.
- 1980. Shuraidah - Love does not see the sun.
- 1981. I am in his eyes - and goodbye to the torment.
- 1982. The attack - the powerful.
- 1983. Sontqm tomorrow.
- 1984. Unknown.
- 1985. Saad Yeti - Sorry Dear law.
- 1986. landfills furnished for rent - for lack of evidence.
- 1987. divorced woman.
- 1988 Dreams Hind and Camelia - Iron Lady.
- 1990. The thief - a supermarket.
- 1991. Beware of those women.
- 1994. garage - Disco Disco
- 2000: The Concerto in the driveway happier - the hero of the South

Awards and Honors:

1. honor at the Cairo International Film Festival (session 27) in 2003.
2. Award "Almoriks gold" for the best Arab star.
3. Best Actress awards from festivals in Alexandria, Damascus, Tashkent, Paris.
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