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Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer, was born on February 26, 1966 .
Najwa Karam, a Lebanese singer, was born on February 26, 1966 in Lebanon.

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Nickname: Najwa Karam
Birth name: Najwa Karam Karam
Titles: Shams Arabic song
Country: Lebanon
Date of birth: March 261 966
Place of birth: Zahle, Lebanon
Work: singing
Working years: 1985 - yet
Marital status: single mom
Parents: Karam Karam, Barbara Shaheen
Brothers: Salwa, Tony, Jean, Nicola

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Najwa Karam was born on February 26, 1966 in Zahle, Lebanon, the Maronite family, she began her life as a teacher and began to sing in the eighties, in the year 1985 participated in the "s Lebanon" program and won the gold medal. It launched in 1989 her debut album entitled "Aahbaab." And met her second album "sun-rich", which was launched in 1992 a great success. It launched in the following years several other albums at a rate of an album a year.
Marked her ballot mountain strong, as it is considered a popular singer of the highest order, and states that she did not sing Sawa Lebanese dialect, which distinguishes itself from the rest of Lebanese artists, he is also known for singing Mooel of all kinds, in addition to national songs and sang along with the great artist Wadih El Safi from during the song, and he grew up which was a Dio tells the dialogue is going on between the girl and the father and made a fuss of this was in 2003.
Launched the Lebanese Media George Ibrahim Khoury them the title of Shams Arabic song, and there are many other titles were fired upon as dubbed Queen Alataba and Almijna and loyal to Lebanon and loyal title. Finally dubbed Melhem Barakat title compassionate, in addition to the recipe prescribed by composers a banner carrier Lebanese song.
Najwa Karam participated in Arabs Got Talent program as a member of the Committee for the program as well arbitration with the media and with Ali Jaber Saudi actor Nasser cane in the back 2011.2012, 2013.2014,, 2015.

Artist Works:


Aahbaab (1989), sun-rich (1992), I Mekn (1993), the tone of Love (1994), Ma Bessmahlak (1994), had a sweet (1996), which led to an end (1997), Maghroumah (1998), the spirit of my soul ( 1999), the eyes of my heart (2000), Ndmanh (2001), tahamouni (2002), fascinated me (2003), Shaw raider (2004), the size of love (2005), Hedda Haki (2007), the uncle of pranks with you (2008), Khaleni Shoufak night (2009), in the bedroom (2011).

National songs:

Lech Morocco, pro Termg, the high tower, the dream of the fire, they said about you, and Babaka home, Gsonk O rice, Kuwait, my Arabic, Star waxing, our country Pitsua Paladins, the story of Solomon ...
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