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The life story of Nancy Ajram, a Lebanese singer, born May 16, 1983 in Beirut - Lebanon.
The life story of Nancy Ajram, a Lebanese singer, born May 16, 1983 in Beirut - Lebanon.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Nancy Ajram
Full name real: Nancy Nabil Ajram
Location: Lebanon
Date of Birth: June 198 316
Place of birth: Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Work: singing
Working years: 1998 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Fadi Hachem (2008)
Father: Nabil Ajram
Mother: Raymonda Aoun
Brothers: Nadine Ajram

Biography Life Story:

Nancy was born on May 16, 1983 in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, had its beginnings in the first twelve years old when she participated in the program of future stars and took the gold medal in the category of Rapture. Then he disappeared from the public eye and began to study the art of sound and music when she was less than 18 years of professional and trade union Lebanese artists accepted as a member and "to be exceptional." Album then launched Mahtajmalk Shell eyes Me.
Then it carried out a series of cosmetic operations, which coincided with the timing of the current Tarefha her manager Jiji Lamara, who was ripped off just on the work of the artist Aline Khalaf management. This cooperation resulted in including album Ya Salam, who launched to fame.
And it formed Ajram bilaterally with the Lebanese director Nadine Labaki in songs known on the Lebanese and Arab level, such as "Akhasmak ah," "Ya Salam", "Ah text," and "O plump O Dla" "shakhbat shakhabit" and "Thinking About AT."
It succeeded in selling more than two million registered in the Arab world, according to several sources, making it occupies third place for the best singer of great sales in the history of Lebanese music.
The most prominent awards obtained by the World Music Award for "world music award" twice, in 2008 for the album "Thinking in AIX" and second to 2011 for Album nancy 7 Alalbauman have achieved high sales ratios exceeded all revenues of the rest of the artists and married dentist Dr. Fadi Hashem mid-2008, and she gave birth to a daughter the same day as her birthday May 16, 2009 called it "likely" that which she sang her own song, "Lord, you grow inclined", and gave birth to her second daughter a year in 2011 and called the "Ella".
Selected global Oprah Winfrey to overlook in its "oprah winfrey show" through special celebrity world's most famous episode came on the choice of Nancy Ajram like a star the most mass in the Middle East.
In October 2009 he was appointed as a goodwill ambassador in North Africa and the Middle East, which includes 22 countries by the United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF. Wherein said Ray Virgilio representative of the organization that has been selected because it will help in supporting the issues of concern to the UNICEF in the region.

Artist Works:


Mahtagelk (1998), Shell eyes Me (2001), Ya Salam (December 2003), Oh text (2004), my plump (2006), shakhbat shakhabit (May 2007), Thinking in er (July 30, 2008), Nancy (7 September 6, 2010)

Solo Music:

Kuwait magnanimity (2005), I am Egyptian (2005), my family and Zamalek (2006), Habib-old (2006), generally Anger (2007), the minimum Sweet (2007), Lord grows miles (2009), open your heart rejoice (2009) Egypt unguarded (2010), Salemoly it (2010), encouraged your knowledge (2010), I miss you, Egypt (2011), Pope Porto for children (2011).

Collective actions:

2003 - "Catch Me" Lebanese Marathon with Haifa Wehbe and Dina Hayek and Joe blonde and Yuri shrines.
2005 - "I do not what the story concluded," After the assassination of the late Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. With Haifa Wehbe and Nawal Al Zoghbi and Wael Kfoury, Sabah and Maya Nasri and others.
2008 - "the conscience of the Arab," a sequel to "The Arab Dream" with more than 100 artists including Wadih el Safi and originality and nice and Wael Jassar and Cheb Khaled.
- A song introduction and the end of the series Arandilli son.
- 2011 Song introduction and the end of the series of Samara.
- 2012 Song made and the end of the series (Tales of Girls)


Mahtagelk, Shell eyes Me, Akhasmak Oh, peace, Yai charm Aaono, uh, text, color of eyes, telling Tani keda, you er, oh plump, I am Egyptian, impressed in love, I'm Lilly rewind, not the conclusions of the tale, Lebanon Habib age , acetic general anger, a new sensation, who was, nostalgic Lake, minimum sweet, shakhbat shakhabit Ktekuth Shater Shater, a message to the world, Ptvkr in er, Meen Da Elli forgotten, touch Ed, a neighbor's son, walker alone, the conscience of the Arab (with Group), parenteral, encouraged your knowledge (Feat. K'NAAN the 2010 world Cup), the needs, the young Sheikh, oh many, I miss you, Egypt.

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