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Nawal Al Zoghbi, a Lebanese singer, was born on June 29, 1971
Nawal Al Zoghbi, a Lebanese singer, was born on June 29, 1971 east of Beirut, capital of Lebanon

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Nickname: Nawal Al Zoghbi
Birth name: George Nawal Al Zoghbi
Location: Lebanon
Date of birth: July 197 129
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Titles: Golden Star
Work: singing
Type: Arab music
Working years: 1989 - yet
Marital status: divorced
Husband: Elie Dib (1990 - 2008)
Children: Tia (1998), twin air and Georgi (2002)
Brothers: Marcel Zoghbi (Brother)

Biography Life Story:

I was born Nawal Al Zoghbi at June 29, 1971 in Jal el Dib the province of Mount Lebanon, east of Beirut, capital of Lebanon, her career began in 1988 when she was 15 years old when he participated in the Lebanese program to discover talent at the time studio art at the channel "LBC", which is still a student in school at the time
Nawal Al Zoghbi began singing professionally actually since 1991, to be achieved ayza album post record success, and Album mandam aleik proved themselves Arab and Jomtien, and with the release of album All My Life was a shift toward global where Nawal Zoghbi became the first face of the advertising from the Middle East to Beverages Co. global gas (Pepsi).
She married Nawal Al Zoghbi of "Elie Dib" in 1990, who took over its management, after a successful career of 15 years lasted from married life, Nawal announced officially Talagahmha dated August 25, 2008 during its dialogue with the Broadcaster "Vinnie Romy" program "Round Table" across the ether Radio Melody - Lebanon, has also announced its separation him artistically as well, and the exemption of her brother, "Marcel Zoghbi" from his position as personal concerts, and handed over the job to Mr. Pascal franchiser and who later became her manager. She has by her husband, "Elie Dib" three sons: Tia (1998), twin air and Georgi (2002).

Artist Works:


And I have my life (1992) and have my life, Dabka to Akina, Ohfilk love, before thee two solutions, Sergna Thread Tools Posting, Take me with you.
I want to respond (1994): ayza reply, discriminate Keteer, Ialil Aaboalachoaq, Maarafh you, the era of miracles, my heart breeze.
Blaekaya in Zamani (1995): To Aahemena, Blaekaya in Zamani, make known, Matsalnah, Matattaboh us, love Aptda, uniforms Malvat.
Habeit Ya Leil (1997): endowed Ialil, I Ahleut, strange opinion, the text of the heart, Tmna darling, coincidence, between you and me, do not think about.
Mandam aleik (1998): mandam aleik, my heart sounded, to my mind, Yellow Want away, to Amlamh, ringing Logo, eyes Eye, Mapttab income.
Malloum (1999): Dlona, ​​Malloum, Garla my life, Anchallah, Tia, the word of the night, my fault, my people.
Nights (2000): nights, Nasceni Leh, forbidden and desirable, love Baaona written, GS Alliama, between yesterday, and today, Mande doubt, the Valley of the eyes, Lady Lovelace.
All My Life (2001): Hbeto, Sama-star, All My Life, a computer yourself, Kam night, Keda absenteeism, Bagoa you, Ali Fein.
To Tmanath (2002): Elli Atmanath, unseen for prying, Bakulk, Yana Yana, Willie Yahua, darling I am, let me spirit, the fire of love and affection, Ajabib Diyala, owner of the top-right.
Eineik kaddabeen (2004): eyes liars, brings us watch, eyes, acetic Leah, Khalitni love you, Milliyet, I Baddi Live, Bihbna, grace, if Wakhed alone, the cheek of my heart, the eyes of my eyes.
Yama Alou (2006): the most expensive Habayeb, my love who you are, Yama said, my spirit, my soul, Shaw inform you, wanted you, the last time, normal, Habeitak, Gibb Me Gibb, Ptsal, Ptarafna I am.
Salvation forgiven (2008): the harsh, Les Mstqalk, salvation forgiven, the crow flies from you, my heart Just ask, if, fancy and Amaylh, Matsal graduate, Shaw Hakulb.
Ma'rafsh leh (2011): ma'rafsh leh, Hacolk er, Secretariat min and seconds, and a thousand-Mer, here Cairo, who walks, over the wounds, you have, she says, to me the same day, Aaraih.

Video clips:

They want to respond (1994), Blaqa in Zamani (1995), nor Bahemena (1995), Who is my dear (1996), Habeit Ya Leil (1997), Heart Text (1997), strange Rai (1997), mandam aleik (1998) , my heart rang (1998), Bali (1998), Dlon (1999), Malloum (1999), Tia (1999), the nights (2000), Nasceni les (2000), All My Life (2001), Computer yourself (2001) to Atmanath (2002), Babaklk (2003), eyes (2004), eineik kaddabeen (2004), my spirit, my soul (2005), Shaw news (2006), Yama Alou (2006), normal (2006), the most expensive Habayeb ( 2007), my heart Asalo (2008), les Mstqalk (2008), named Mona (2009), a Mieh (2011), ma'rafsh leh (2011), Lebanon Army (2012), a strange Haldane (2013).


As a result of the successes of successive As a result, the fruit of lasting glory chosen by international companies in several areas, including:
Company "Pepsi" for soft drinks, and signed a contract in 2000 ad for 5 years.
Electronic communications company "Free Motorola" where it was agreed to include a phone Motorola v3i within a video clip "Yama Alou" (2006)
Hospital Oncology Cancer Foundation as the face of a humanitarian supportive without any financial compensation (2006).
Electronic communications company, "LG", where it was agreed to include the LG Shine phone within a video clip "the most expensive Habayeb" (2007)
Contact lenses Company (2008) CLASSY.
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