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Nelly Karim, an Egyptian actress, was born on December 18, 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt.
Nelly Karim, an Egyptian actress, was born on December 18, 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Nickname: Nelly Karim
Full name: Nelly Mr. Mohamed Atallah
Location: Egypt
Date of Birth: December 18, 1974
Place of birth: Alexandria, Egypt
Work: ballet dancer, actress
Years of work: 1999 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Hany Abu-Naja
Sons: cream, Joseph, Syria

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Nelly Karim was born on December 18, 1974 in Alexandria, Egypt, an Egyptian father and a Russian mother, whose real name is Nelly Mohamed Atallah, technical and took the name of her son Karim name. The ballet school since her childhood, when she was a child no more than four years and also trained with the Bolshoi. Deported with her father and is the sixth of Prussia to assess about a dozen years, where she finished school studied there, and then returned and her family to Egypt in 1991 and returned to Egypt at the age of 16 years, where he participated in the Cairo Opera House and began her career in the art of ballet dancer ballet of one of the best dancers worn in the Egyptian Opera House. It has many movies and soap operas, and has participated in numerous ballet in Egypt and Russia.
Eye view of the Egyptian actress Faten Hamama during the performance of the riddles of Ramadan (Nelly Karim Non-Performing actress Nelly, born in 1949, which was the lead Fawazeer Ramadan also) with director oversaw the Crown and artist Salah Abdullah, Vdmtha with her in the famous series team face of the moon, which show the year 2000 to be the her first appearance as an actress. The tournaments were the first in the series, which Almsthi Walt after presenting several lesser-known series. The first steps in the way of the cinema was through film young Hawa who introduced in 2002, followed by the Egyptian film - Turkish escape the mummy, and as the films have yet to make a success the film, which was a turning point in her career point can be considered film Magic eyes despite the fact that his success it was limited as well. Then Walt after presenting several successful films, including highlights open your eyes and war Otalia, I'm my age, which won him the best actress award at the Cairo International Film Festival.

Artist Works:


2002. Young Hawa - escape Mummy - Magic eyes.
2004. Alexandria New York - where it is stupid - love honey.
2005. Open Your Eyes - Harb Atalia - you are my age.
2006. Last minimum.
2007. mindless dreams of the boy.
2008. Ehna accept us before this - one zero.
2010. Alzheimer - 678.
2011. I Daa O meek.


2000. The face of the moon.
2002. Almsthi.
2003. Shams good day - morning and evening talk white * white.
Customer 1001 2005.
2008. breeze Spirit.
2010. Alaloah.
2012. relevant.

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