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Ola Ghanem, an Egyptian actress, was born on November 26, 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt.
Ola Ghanem, an Egyptian actress, was born on November 26, 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt.

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Nickname: Ola Ghanem
Country: Egypt
Date of birth: November 26, 1971
Place of birth: Kuwait
Work: representation
Working years: 1995 - yet
Marital status: Married
Husband: Abdul Aziz Labib
Sons: Camellia, unique

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Ola Ghanem was born on November 26, 1971 in Alexandria, Egypt, and later moved to Cairo. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department in 1994, and did not complete her studies at the Institute of Performing Arts, her fame came after their performance in the role of a song Hansak Mohamed Fouad. I started working in the field of television advertising. Made television series including: "the heart sometimes misses", Zezenia, still, the dreams of a rosy, the risk Bridge, wiser, my crazy, places in the heart remained warrior.
She married three times, the first was "Walid Aldfraoa" It Balsabah ten years old, and gave birth to his two daughters: Camellia and unique, and broke up after five years, and the second was "Ahmad Musalmi" and continued to marry only 7 months, and the third from the businessman, "Abdul Aziz Labib, "and is still going on with him.

Artist Works:

Films :

Hunter doves, full descriptions, the last minimum, Harem cream, Ostadta Ostot, a difficult task, monsters Elly signed by you, the sleepless nights (2003), moments of femininity (2007), without censorship (2008), the Academy (2009), feelings (2010) , Said Klaket, Albrancesh, 31/12.

Series :

The face of the Moon (2000), an interview with the morning and evening (2000), places in the Heart (2005), warm (2010), shame, Abdul Aziz Street (2011), cream and honey, the mood of the good, the second wife, fourth wife, son's death, Zezenia bridge danger.
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