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Ragheb Alama, Lebanese singer, was born on June 7, 1962 in the town of Ghubairi - South - Lebanon.
Ragheb Alama, Lebanese singer, was born on June 7, 1962 in the town of Ghubairi - South - Lebanon.

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Nickname: Ragheb Alama
Birth name: Subhi Ragheb sign
Location: Lebanon
Religion: Sunni Muslim
Date of birth: June 7, 1962
Place of birth: Ghubairi town, south Lebanon
Work: singing
Type: Arab music
Years active: 1982 - yet
Marital status: Married
His sons: Khaled, Louay

Biography Life Story:

Ragheb born mark on June 7, 1962 in the town of Ghubairi - South - Lebanon, inside a poor and modest room house his grandfather to his father in the town of Ghubairi south of Beirut in 1962, a Muslim family of the Shiite community in Lebanon, and has two sons (Khalid and Louay) and the funny thing is really that the neighborhood where he was born commonly known as Al-mark for being there was sued famous in the neighborhood holds unwilling name known for his justice and honesty and ethics stones and the father is willing when his mother launched the same judge by the name after him a sign and kept wishing to become a son like the great judge private that this judge was a member unrelated to the family .
At the same time his father was good at playing the lute as a matter of hobby and was a willing kid sitting next to his father and enjoy Bazvh famously a kid excess by misery among his peers at school but it was intercedes for his diligence and his academic excellence.
He drew the attention of his teachers, his voice is nice Vtm attributed the revival of school concerts and entered the team of the school a lot of competitions with other schools and was always the superiority of its share, which prompted music professors and specialists for advice necessity of overloading his talent especially when offering a under two years of age the famous Lebanese broadcasting of the radio program (broadcast direct).
He drew attention to the voice Despite this decided not to rely on the talent that God has given them, but must weigh this talent with a weapon of science and study Vantsb Institute Lebanese music and studied lute and Alsollweg After graduation from the institute very good grade, where he was one of the first paid has become well adapted to descend vote yard competition and strongly.
He was known for his advocacy for the regime of Bashar al-Assad in Syria's ruling that a massive popular uprising against him broke out on March 15 in 2011.
Old was not exceeded eighteen when he decided to participate in the famous Studio Art program in 1980 and Interestingly, he participated in the folk song category and proved a sharp intelligent choice for this challenging category.
And won first place in its own right and heard all of the voice of the rookie singer Lebanon and within a short time became the singer of the superstar category flashed his name not only in Lebanon and Syria, just as in all parts of the Arab world, where the songs was quite responsive to the ears of listeners and claimed the audience watching the concert dates and the release of his albums with great interest and rolled attic offers here and there
Ragheb has become a mark within a short period of time as ambassador to feel beautiful as was the label after his participation in dozens of major festivals such as Carthage and Latakia, Jerash, Beirut, Bahrain and Dubai.
Were suspended a number of decorations on his chest from all the Arab countries also received the keys of major countries such as America, Britain and France, and between this and that became a distinguished road paving in front of him in Cairo, having already his voice attendance, where she met Egyptian masses on his voice through the concerts that were broadcast on Arab radio stations as well as albums.
And now has a large fan base in the capital of Arab Art (Cairo) is calculated for Ragheb Alama he was one of the first Arab artists who have entered the field of video clips and songs portray this method, which was completely new to the Arab viewer at the end of the eighties and early nineties.
Since filming the songs style cinema it was overwhelming at this time and gave Ragheb Alama during his career about 30 Kleppa concert mostly achieved great success.

Artist Works - Albums:

1985. An Evening with George will (6 Songs 0.3 of them are willing)
1986. I wish (6 songs)
1987. gift (8 songs)
1988. Dawa night (7 songs)
1989. Maijuz  (7 songs)
1990. My heart passion (7 songs)
1993. Oh my life (7 songs)
1995. twin spiritual (8 songs)
1996. Alamteeny  (8 songs)
1996. The big difference (8 songs)
1997. Bravo Aliki (8 songs)
1999. Habibi Ya Nasi (8 songs)
2001. Sohrona night (12 songs)
2003. Les Medicine (11 songs)
2004. Big Love (11 songs)
2008. adore (12 songs)
2010. years Rayha (11 songs)
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