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Ramez Galal, Egyptian actor, born April 20, 1973 in the eastern province of Egypt.
Ramez Galal, Egyptian actor, born April 20, 1973 in the eastern province of Egypt.

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Nickname: Ramez Galal
Full name: Ramiz Jalal Mohamed Tawfiq
Location: Egypt
Date of Birth: January 201 973
Place of Birth: Sharqia, Egypt
Work: representation
Working years: 1992 - yet
Marital status: single
Father: Jalal Toufic (outlet)

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Ramez Galal born on April 20, 1973 in the eastern province of Egypt, and his father is a great director Jalal Tawfiq. He began his studies at the School of Child Primary Palace, then Orman junior high, and high school moved to Giza High School and then joined the Higher Institute of Theatrical Arts Department of representation and output, and after graduating from the Institute joined Ramiz Army and was in the infantry and the first business that participated the play "coconut and almond" it was while studying the institute. Subscribe Ramiz in its infancy in several minor roles including television evening titled "good man" and the series "the people and the sons of the people", and later participated Series, life is essential and this series was a big leap is the people who knew him.

Artist Works:


55 ambulances, Mido problems, the dreams of our age, Eyal Habiba, the boy dreams mindless.


Zeenat and three girls, good man, people, sons of the people, life is essential, responded my heart, the other man, shadow play, wrench Baad, land-west, Biography Alashourah, waiting for the old, and got lost after a long lifetime.


Apparently stole his servant.

TV Shows:

- Exclusive programs on a channel of life:
Ramiz in Japan, Ramiz in America, Ramiz around the world, Ramiz Lion Heart (Ramadan 2011), Ramiz plays Desert (Ramadan 2012), Ramiz Tutankhamun (Ramadan 2013).
- Exclusive programs on MBC Egypt Channel:
Ramiz penny Sea (Ramadan 2014), Ramiz and eating air (Ramadan 2015), Ramiz Balab fire (Ramadan 2016).
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