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Nadir Khayat, known by his artistic RedOne, is a music producer
Nadir Khayat, known by his artistic RedOne, is a music producer and writer Moroccan Song, born in the city of Tetouan in Morocco

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Birth name: Nadir Khayat
Nickname: RedOne
Country: Morocco
Place of birth: Tetouan, Morocco
Work: music producer, writer Song

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Nadir Khayat was born in the Moroccan city of Tetouan. It began producing pop music in Europe with the beginning of the 21st century managed after several attempts to produce a successful music, has received my song "I Wish" and "Little Mama" in great demand in Canada, and recorded by singer R NBA Karl Henry. Also won the Swedish Grammy Award (Grammis) and the title of the best Scandinavian song in public, for the song "Step Up", he has worked at the time with fellow musician Bilal Haji.
In 2006, he returned to the lights again with the song "Bamboo," which has become the "official melody" of the World Cup Soccer 2006. He also reproduce (remix) for the song "Hips Do not Lie" singer Shakira with a man the gene. The remix of Shakira sang this song at the end of the World Cup soccer championship ceremony in 2006 in Berlin with the presence of the man the gene. This review has been watched nearly 1.2 billion viewers across Altelovesan.
After that success, he moved to the United States and specifically to New York and began working with the Epic label, Inc. (Epic Records), where he contributed to the album singer Kat DeLuna. In 2007, he worked with many celebrities, such as Akon, and brandy, and Enrique Iglesias, and Lionel Richie, and Robin, and Filipseid.
In 2008, several popular songs produced great singer Lady Gaga a "Just Dance" and "Poker Face". Both singles obtained the advanced positions in the rankings songs in several countries. Also it produced seven songs in the album "The Block" for the New Kids On The Block. The album has earned this second place in the classification of the Billboard Album. In the same year he won the Grammy for best production for the dance music award for the song "Just Dance". In addition to being a music producer, he has also written several songs for Christina Milian and Tiffany Evans, and Pixie Lott, and Sean Kingston.
In 2009, the continued production of Music, where he worked alongside Alexandra Park, and Hujabebz, the Backstreet Boys, and Casey, and Lil Jon. Several songs also produced the successful Lady Gaga.
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