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Rola Saad, a Lebanese singer, was born on August 25, 1978.
Rola Saad, a Lebanese singer, was born on August 25, 1978 in Beirut, capital of Lebanon.

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Birth name: Rola Youssef Saad
Nickname: Rola Saad
Titles: singer World Cup
Country: Lebanon
Date of birth: August 25, 1978
Place of birth: Beirut, Lebanon
Work: singing, acting
Genre: Pop Arabic
Years of work: 2000 - yet
Brothers: Accessories, Mary Rose, George

Biography Life Story:

Rola Saad was born on August 25, 1978 in Beirut, capital of Lebanon, was able to reach stardom through a few of its work, both in singing, acting, presenting programs, but to sing even more. In 1978, her father died when she was only five months, after a year and a half is the migration her mother and her brothers: Accessories, Mary Rose, George. Then Rola lived in the convent until the age of 6 years, and was moving between her grandfather and the house of the house of her uncle, then the agency opened a fashion and her sister was the agency "Giorgio" name, and then later the agency shut down and died of her brother George, who was a seat on the wheelchair, the age of 28 years .
George was for "Rola" father and brother and the whole family, where he was her secret all her life, and his death was the hardest thing for her life, and she gave for his soul song Link Alpi fire.
Rula began her career appearing with the artist Saber Bklippin two "remember" and "Heroni," and also worked Bmssulain roles are simple series "Treasure" and "Four Seasons."
It was the first encouraged her to run for singing experience is Fuad Awad, Lebanese Eonsrvetoar, then Muhsin Jaber, owner of the world of art company, where he filmed his clip "on the Da case", and did not Rola are not happy with him at the time, and promised her Mohsen Gaber not to introduce the clip, and surprised Rola some four years his offer, which angered too, and also photographed with the world of art clip "me working CDA" and "A tale Bey with me."
Then it was a strong showing for people with Shahroura morning in the clip "Yana Yana", where it considered the real birth, and the largest and strongest support technicians. Rola Shahroura The Supreme like life, everything, and then worked with Duo is another "Dluah", does not deny that Rola Shahroura morning by a significant preferred, where her appearance helped her with the morning on the spread of the fastest in the field of art.
Then a series of successes Rola Pagani individual has achieved wide fame in the Arab world, where everyone is betting that it will not succeed without the phenomenon morning.
Differences with singer Haifa Wehbe:
The most prominent positions in her charge Haifa Wehbe her of stealing her song called "Sound Guy de Menen," but Rola denied this and confirmed the sovereign right song and that it is before the court, who will rule in this matter. Haifa Wehbe has also accused of promoting a porn movie, but the judiciary did justice Rola of the charge.

Artist Works:


- Da Ali case (2004). Lyrics include: You are who I love - a dream - Les CDA works - I Ehana Lake - what Cdbh you - that you kept my eye - the whole world - ayza loves the - I Yak.
- Each gram (2007). Lyrics include: all Iznik Teacher - every gram - Hamotk true - I'm Lille - Hansak mind - magic - not you and not after you - da words - Yana Yana - Link and BBC fire - Aaina you - my life - if you keep the following are my guest.
- White Dress (2009). Songs included: white dress - among all - Bcharfk - Nuyahalo - Forget - Hivak Adami - clang Qubkaba - Lord hear from you
- Rula sings morning (2012).

Video Clips - the most important:

Yana Yana - Dluah - Baidk I - darling - for Iznik Teacher - the DA case - Noyahalo - all Lebanese - Besbstllo - relieved Bbaadi - A Tale Bey Maaya.

Advertisement :

Filmed two declarations of the company Abdul Khaliq Saeed Perfumes for Attran carrying a name Agatin are "darling" and "Dluah."

Films :

Starring movie "707".


Entertainment program on TV made life titled "Life is Good."

Awards and Honors:

- The title of the singer World Cup, where she was the first Arab artist who participated in the World Cup in 2010.
- Award for best music video for "Nawahalo" in 2008 Ktkirm from the Lebanese American University students.
- Miss Arab divas 2008 title.
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