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Ruby, an Egyptian singer and actress, was born on October 8, 1980 in enlightening city of Cairo in Egypt.
Ruby, an Egyptian singer and actress, was born on October 8, 1980 in enlightening city of Cairo in Egypt.

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Nickname: Ruby
Birth name: Rania Hussein Mohammed Tawfiq
Country: Egypt
Date of birth: October 8, 1980
Place of birth: Cairo, Egypt
Work: singing, acting
Working years: 1996 - yet
Production company: Sherif Sabri
Marital status: divorced
Ex-husband: Sameh Abdul Aziz (2014 - 2015)
Children: good

Biography Life Story:

Ruby was born on October 8, 1980 in enlightening city of Cairo in Egypt. Her mother was a teacher of Physical Education (games) in Fethiye joyful Preparatory School in Abdeen. I started working through advertising, discovered by film director Youssef Chahine and chose her name (Ruby). And then she went to sing her song and caused a stir in 2003, announcer worked in many of the space station, including: Dream, axis. First appeared through her role in the movie "cultural film" 2000, a small role has appeared in several scenes, and her name appeared in Alttrut Rania Hussein.
Ruby raised since the first comic appearance Klebatha singing "You know Les" (2003), which was filmed in Prague controversy. She debuted in the film a cultural film and then had to work in the film Scott Hansour of the late Youssef Chahine output in 2001, which chose her fame Ruby name, where he played the role of the daughter of Paula nice in the film. The director Sharif Sabri has sponsored art since he made in the first Klebatha musical comic "anti Arif LES", he has also directed and produced the first film starring her a film entitled "The seven papers kuchinh" right up to the end of the decade between Sharif Sabri Company production in 2007 . the producer and organizer of the new concert is a businessman Walid Mustafa, who bought the right to dispose of them technically discoverer Sharif Sabri after the end of his contract with them.
The years 2004 to stay away a little time for the art scene to complete her studies at the Faculty of Law at the University of Beni Suef governorate of Beni Suef. At that followed the Egyptian singer Zubaida Tharwat, where the latter had to retire from the art on a temporary basis in 1963 for six years for full-time to complete the study of law and a full-time to take care of her family and returned to acting in 1969. The criticism did not leave people's eyes Robbie through examination of the university, it was reported by some newspapers problems the university because of the performance of Ruby exams clothes "exciting" which led to the existence of opposition from security to enter.
Raised its accession to the union musicians controversy has been charged to Hassan Abu Saud captain musicians at the time. Nabih has raised the monster lawyer case against Abu Saud objection to him attached to Ruby Guild musical professions in 2004 did not succeed in reaching a timely manner to something. In 2007, the State Commissioners Authority in the Administrative Court of the State Council in Egypt issued a decree obliging Hassan Abu Saud cancel membership Rania Hussein Mohammed Tawfik and thus to be removed from the table in the union, and that was a result of attempts Nabih beast ongoing in this area. Obaid morning as the captain Syrian artists issued a decision in 2007 to prevent both Ruby and Elissa and Haifa Wehbe from singing in Syria. Obaid said that the reason is to reduce the "nudity and obscenity," he said. In the wake of this morning, the servants resigned in 2008 and suggested technical sources to being pressured blundering of its decisions with the three actresses and other Syrian artists Kamiadh Hinawi and George will be because of the backwardness in the payment of annual union dues.

Artist Works:


- Stay met me (2004) and includes the songs: Les Bydari like that - You know Mechanism - All I'm saying uh - kept met me - I am somewhat Mastnat - CCL.
- I walked my sense of Laura (2007) and includes the songs: I walked Laura sense - Mali - Laura walked sense - Ah Amaylh - Mesh Htkdr - Htaraf ask me - oh but I - Bsteq to Eineik - Mali.

Music singl individually:

LES (film Baby Doll Night) - the first time (film promise) - Hey eyelashes.

Films :

Cultural film (2000) - Scott Hansour (2001) - seven papers kuchinh (absolute Championship 2004) - Baby Doll Night (the real her personality in the last scene of the film in 2008 to perform a song) - The Promise Movie (2008).
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