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Samira Said, a Moroccan singer, born on January 10, 1959 in the city of Rabat - Morocco.
Samira Said, a Moroccan singer, born on January 10, 1959 in the city of Rabat - Morocco.

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Biography Information:

Name: Samira Said
Full name: Samira Abdul Razak bin Saeed
Titles: DIVA Diva
Country of citizenship: Morocco
Country of residence: Egypt
Date of Birth: January 10, 1959
Place of Birth: Rabat, Morocco
Work: singing
Type: Arab music
Years of work: 1967 - yet

Biography Life Story:

Samira Said was born in 1959 in Rabat, capital of Morocco. She graduated from the Faculty of Arts Department of French Language in Morocco. I participated in the Programme for the talents in Morocco at the age of 9 years and sang for Planet Middle Umm Kulthum. Her career began at the age of 9 years, the first of its work (we complain to loved ones) and (say for Maliha) participation in the series "The boards of art and literature", and released its first disc in 1970 entitled (to meet). And he moved to Cairo in 1978 where he made two songs with Mohammed Sultan and two (Minimum Keda) and (love Elly Anaaahah).
Before moving to Cairo, specifically in late 1977 he went to the United Arab Emirates where she presented her debut album, a Gulf dialect (without reproach)
She married artist of the first two of the musician Hani professionals between 1988 and 1994. The second is from her marriage to a Moroccan man acts, Mustafa al-Nabulsi in 1994 the couple had only one child Shadi 1995. She is currently unmarried.
Samira Saeed regarded artists of the oldest artists Arab Almstmrat yet after Warda. Samira Said and singers of her generation were: Naima Samih, which began after years of Samira little, too Aziza Jalal began singing with 8 years after Samira and Arab artists. Mayada which began after 10 years and Majida El Roumi, which began at 7 years later, artists and Walid Tawfik, Hani Shaker.
And suspended great encouragement from Morocco's King Hassan II and the great artist Abdel Halim Hafez and eloquent Hamdi enjoyed a successful acting Samira made it tops the list of the most successful singers in the Arab world and many have praised its art and her school, including originality and Sherine Abdel Wahab and Najwa Karam and melodies.

Artist Works:


- 1977. Without reproach (Gulf).
- 1978. The minimum Keda.
- 1979. O Dmotai heyday. Habbeina salvation. Princess dreams.
- 1980. bouquet love. Altohh. Ende remained Osamu talk.
1981. Sorry  (Gulf)
- 1982 we learned love.
- 1983. The much-vaunted.
- 1984. Scheherazade, Tell Me a Story. Night mankind.
- 1985. Fraser Gap to Gap. Day meet you in it. Shi weird.
- 1986. Ladies and gentlemen. SIPC.
- 1987. wondrous order. Son muslim (Gulf). Mesh Hatnazl you.
- 1988. tale. It will build on my own.
- 1989. I Lake. Exotic (Gulf). me, not you.
- 1990. trouble comfort. Humanitarian. I saw the moon (Gulf)
- 1992. Hanit you (Libby). Scared.
- 1993. Ashqh. Ah eye (Gulf)
- 1994. You Habibi
- 1996. God Mahnsak. Each de rumors.
- 1998. Alu. Al Bal.
- 1999. spirit.
- 2000. night darling.
2002. Day Laura Day.
- 2004. Awweeni Beek.
- 2008 days of my life.

Individual singl Music:

- 1967. Ramadan accept. - 1976. my eyes to my heart.
- 1977. The journey of life (the first Gulf song). Beautiful melody (Moroccan).
- 1979. o life (Gulf).
- 1980. Gxiln hath.
- 1982 poem Said about us a lot.
- 1984. sweetest holidays.
1988. On the palms of  (Gulf). Balash sad darling (Libyan).
- 1989. Munawar our neighborhood.
- 1993.ahmlna the Jag (Gulf).
- 1995. The sense of alienation. Chosen you. Mesh Rdjaalk.
- 1997. O Tear (Libyan).
2001. Swear  Levi.
- 2010. cured (Gulf). Keda haram.
- ****. Yakmr light.
- ****. I and shops. Vaiteley lip. Ashe me and Pino (Moroccan songs).

Joint Music Duo:

- 1978. Tell remained Atokhrt les (with the artist Hani Shaker).
- 1980. The two songs: Aziza and Younis + Hsarh speech (with artist Mohamed Tharwat).
- 1996. Treo peace tree (with an Italian American singer and others)
- Day 2002. Laura Day (with the Father Mami).
- 2010. My Weiner (with a team Fnaïre).
- Participated in a song with great international stars French and Moroccan.
- It said she sang a duet with a very rare late actress Soad Hosni.

National songs:

- ****. Authentic Yamsr (Egypt).
- 1985. Ghinwa Love (Egypt).
- 1992. Bhralhawk (United Emirates).
- 1995. Operetta nectar (Libya).
- 1996. Hgelrh Peace (Vatican).
- 1998. Yamsr Leakey-Nasr (Egypt).
- ****. The richest of Palestine (Palestine).
- ****. River Sham (Syria).
- ****. Your name and your reaction Hassan Hassan (Morocco).
- ****. Hilt Anwark Yambark (Egypt).
- 2006. We are all humans (Africa).
- ****. Trumpeted Basmki (Libya).
- ****. Moroccan Arab (Morocco).
- ****. Zec in the world (Egypt).

Religious songs:

Samira Said made in large religious songs in the artistic beginnings in the late sixties early seventies with the beginning of a song, such as the Great Creator and other Ramadan and accept Recently singer Samira Saeed Ramadan at the end of 2010 recorded three prayers: minimum Htna. I'm from Trabak. O Lord, I am Jet you. From the words of Osama Mehrez and composed by Haitham Nabil It is my right to a fair distribution.
video clip:
Samira made throughout her career very large number of music videos Before the emergence of the video clip wave portrayed Samira number of songs such as Blaatab and love card Moroccan and hit songs made in the late sixties and early seventies and Arab songs A lot Bnlv said Gani two mesh Htnazl about you, heart and Mairead after he in the eighties with the advent of the video clip phenomenon in the early nineties portrayed Samira impressive collection of video clips of them to leave and after Ashqh longing and the yearning and mesh Hkdr dont promise and others
Then came afterwards a new phase in the song on Samira G of mind, which brought about a boom in the world of music video clips and months that its image after Samira p mind: p mind. Case of boredom. my soul. Mona eye. Ah love. Laila Habibi. Besrah powers. day after day. Queenie Peck. What salvation. We are all human. Maas love him
the acting:
Samira made a movie and only one in 1979 titled I'll write your name on the sand with Ezzat Alayli and Nahed Sherif Samir Sabri and was directed by Moroccan director Abdullah Al Mesbahi and sang Samira in this film set of great songs including the song O Dmaty guidance and a shaft darling who Winslow in bar cassette. And also participate in the representation in the series boards of art and literature in 1967.
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