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Sandra Bullock, American actress, was born on June 26, 1964 in the state of Virginia, in Washington, DC
Sandra Bullock, American actress, was born on June 26, 1964 in the state of Virginia, in Washington, DC

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Nickname: Sandra Bullock
Birth name: Sandra Annette Bullock
Location: United States
Date of birth: July 26, 1964
Place of birth: Arlington, Virginia, United States
Titles: Pet America
Work: representation
Working years: 1986 - yet
Marital status: divorced
Husband: Jessie J. James (2005 2010)
Sons: Louis
Father: W. Bullock
Mother: Helga De Meyer

Biography Life Story:

I was born Sandra Bullock in the June 26, 1964 in Arlington, a suburb of the state of Virginia in the Washington, DC, and grew up in an artistic family characterized by vocal and lyrical abilities Her mother is an opera singer German Helga De Meyer As her father W. Bullock is a specialist coach to train people on the origins of the singing of Alabama. She spent Bullock her childhood between Germany and elsewhere in Europe, and Virginia in an effort to attend all the concerts performed by her mother, and Sandra was one of the familiar faces among producers because of their presence with her mother on stage in many concerts contributed to the promotion of her feelings for dreaming of becoming an actress in the future .
Pollock joined the University of North Carolina to study dramatics was characterized Sandra vitality and sharp wits and sense of humor featured Sandra then moved to New York to pursue her theatrical worked as a waitress in a restaurant at the time.
There is no doubt that Pollock struggled for several years before becoming one of the actresses celebrities in Hollywood has it had to be passed between several stages before they enter the hall of fame of the wider doors which had to be by some brief scenes represented in some movies and TV shows even nominated producer Jean Le Punt to the movie "Speed" in 1994 with the launch of this film starred Sandra Bullock movie has revenues of more than $ 350 million, including $ 121.3 million in the United States, and won the admiration of many.
Nominated Pollock after the film network by the film's director of Rouen Winkler's role fits perfectly her character has said the film's director in a newspaper saying: «When Sandra office entered for the first time she was wearing normal clothes and sports shoes and hat baseball it seemed strange then, most actresses are keen to wear the best what to have the boots and short skirts and tight shirts when Iqapelln director for the first time, but things are different with Sandra. »
After several acts of estimated proved Bullock comedy in the movie when you're asleep after an alternate replaced the star Demi Moore.
It took Pollock care about the world of art more and representation She established her own production company and contributed written and directed by and representing the first films her company producing the work of sandwiches was Bullock emphasized in the film practice magic ability and talent to deal in the world of art has been featured actress in front of the camera and the author left behind.
Talt and then Pollock in a number of movies which have escalated their revenues at the box office and the US has provided a variety of cinematographic works, including the 28 killed on the figures also marked the role of Grace Hart in the film "Miss Koonjnielta" in the first and second Dzoah.
Currently Bullock continues to work as a producer and actor in various comedy and drama films, vehicle and display it finally film The Blind Side and compete for the first places with the first week of release in the US Box Office in terms of revenue.
Nicknamed Sandra Bullock Bmahbubh America america's sweetheart her personal appreciation from everyone distinctive presence and Bokhalagaha and creative Battaiha everyone involved radiant and glowing light presence shade and gentle touch the heart and ear gently. Very loved when the American people not only when the American people are modest personal with their audience to the extreme there is impossible not to love.
Bullock married at the age of 41 from Jessie J actor. James in a sunset ceremony on a farm in the state of California. But after 10 days on winning the Oscar for Best Actress in 2010 he discovered the betrayal of her husband with the casual tattoo, causing disagreements between them and her husband and ended in divorce. Causing a big stir in the US media. After these events Bullock announced that it has adopted an African child and originally called Louis. She had begun adoption procedures are ex-husband Jesse Ja.james four years ago a child of Louis and they were brought to their home in January but decided to keep it a secret for declared after the Oscars. But after the discovery of her husband's betrayal postponed the announcement of the adoption, after he ended the divorce case decided to announce her son Louis.
And I've already fought struggle judicially with LG's wife. Previous James Actress Janine pornographic films to Indemldr about the legal custody of their daughter from their marriage to the former Erbha case.

Awards and Honors:

2005: I got the best role of the Screen Actors Guild for her role in a collision Award.
2010: Nominated for an Academy Award for Best Lead Actress for the film The Blind Side and won.
In the same year: Alratsiz won the award for worst actress for her role in the movie "All About Steve" and thus be the first actress to win the award for the best and worst actress in the same year.
Nominations for the Golden Globe Award:
+ 1996: best comedy or an exhibition actress While You Were Sleeping.
+ 2001: best comedy actress or a show for the film Miss Congeniality.
+ 2010: best comedy or an exhibition actress for the film The Proposal.
+ 2010: Best Lead Actress for the film The Blind Side and won.
Bullock has donated one million US dollars for the American Association of the Red Cross after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks in 2001, also donated one million last after the tsunami disaster in Asia in 2004.
Put her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 2005 in the twenty-fourth March.
Bullock received a number of awards in various film festivals, including the collision and film Miss good.
The reward was killed in the movie figures to US $ 15 million after it was 500 thousand in the movie Speed.
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