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Sandy, an Egyptian singer, was born on April 22 in Cairo.
Sandy, an Egyptian singer, was born on April 22 in Cairo.

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Nickname: Sandy
Country: Egypt
Date of Birth: April 22
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Work: singing
Type: Songs eastern youth
Titles: singer teenagers
Years of work: 2006 - yet
Marital status: single mom

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Sandy was born on April 22 in Cairo, tourism, hotels, studied at the University of tongues for four years. Her career began issuing the album "All you closer" of the distribution company (Star Label), which included the famous song "All you closer," with lyrics: Hani small and composed by: Mohammad Rahim.
In 2009 he issued a successful song "Hovth and Makelmenah" from the words of Mohammad Rifai, composed by Husam Badran and issued within the Mono album entitled (Solo Hits Vol. 1). And then she released her second album (Small Lessa) with Solo Records, Inc. (one of the Melody Music Companies) and then with the release clips (beware) and (son of our neighbor) and which has been shared on Melody satellite channels. But now her third album (may challenge) with Melody Music Inc. has released her after the release of the latest Klebatha (got better) with the American director (David Zennie) which displays now exclusively on satellite channels Melody
After the revolutionary events of January 25, 2011 in Egypt, the Sandy providing a new song for Egypt entitled (and sons of the Nile) and carried her out on their own and then filmed the successful song (dream) of the album (it may challenge) with British film director (Eric Carlson) imaging was black and white in Paris and after so the Sandy launch Clips (ayza Acolk) who wanted through post Alantkadt which affected Clips (got better) Bana imitator to send a message that this is happening abroad, such as the tradition of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift same personal and preparing Sandy to make a surprise in the second part.
The Sandy issuing the first snuggle with Rotana named (what endured Azaal) Gulf dialect and was videotaped with a French director (Fabia days) who used the camera Cinema 35 mls and hired Sandy designer fashion (Carvello) song lyrics by poet Mansour Aluwan, composed by the great Kuwaiti composer Abdullah God sitting and distribution Tareq Akef. At the beginning of 2012 the singer Sandy filmed the song (better than Keteer) in Dubai with the latest imaging with David Zinni director who prefer Sandy dealt with has been shooting with three cameras show Sandy Block New Lebanese design Fady Qataya song techniques (better than Keteer) Jamal Kholi words , and composed by Tamer Ahmed Ibrahim and distribution.
The Sandy display song (frustrating) from Amir To'eima written and composed by Rami Jamal and distributed Ahmed Ibrahim emerged Sandy Balclaib Block New dominated by rock stamp issued Sandy song to celebrate skip the number of fans on Facebook barrier of one million has been portrayed by Sandy song in France under the French director Manager ( fabian dufils)

Artist Works:


- All the nearest (8 songs) (2006) (production: Star Label)
- Small Lessa (9 songs) (2009) (Antah: Solo Records - one of the Melody Music Companies)
- May challenge (5 songs) (2010) (production: Melody Music)
- Better than Keteer (10 songs) (2012) (production: the voice of the Delta)

Video clips:

All you closer, and Hovth Makelmenah, Hmut I, Hmut You (Remix), ruined Malta, beware, the son of our neighbor, he got the best, dream, Mathmmelt Azaal, ayza Acolk, better than Keteer, frustrating.
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