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Suhair Ramzy, Egyptian actress, was born on March 3, 1950 in Port Said in Egypt.
Suhair Ramzy, Egyptian actress, was born on March 3, 1950 in Port Said in Egypt.

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Nickname: Suhair Ramzi
Birth name: Sz Abdul Salam Noah
Country: Egypt
Date of birth: March 3, 1950
Place of birth: Port Said, Egypt
Work: representation
Years of work: 1956 - yet
Marital status: divorced
Husband: 9 pairs
Mother: Doria Ahmed

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Suhair Ramzi was born on March 3, 1950 in Port Said in Egypt. Doria is the daughter of singer Ahmed. It was her first appearance in the film as a child six years did not exceed, through its appearance in the film (Al precedents) in 1956, which followed four years later film (girls and summer), who appeared in it as a child ten years old, an artist known for temptation.
As I grew older I worked a flight attendant and then a fashion model but returned again to the cinema when she was nine years old through the film (by people who object) and then a movie (Miramar) in 1969. After that rolled films and shined through the provision of exciting roles and become a common denominator in most of the films the seventies and eighties, wore a veil and retired from acting in 1993 but returned to the representation of the veil in the series Habib spirit in 2006.
She married Suhair Ramzi nine times, and was the first of her husbands artist Ibrahim Khan, who lived with them full year despite the fact that the old dancer and her mother Doria Ahmed denied this strongly, as married Saudi Prince Khalid bin Saud bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, who became famous multiple artists Bsegath remained with her for a year and a separated him to marry Haj Sayed Metwally head of the Egyptian Club Alborsaidy then Gulf businessman Mohamed Al Mulla after his divorce from Nagwa Fouad has lived with him for five months only.
She married the composer also known Hilmi Bakr, which granted immunity to ensure their rights, but it did not last long with him and divorced, and she married after the actor Mahmoud Kabil and after splitting with him married to a Syrian businessman Zakaria Bakkar.
And then returned link Sir Metwally head of the Egyptian club Alborsaidy but it did not last long with him.
As she married Farouk Al Fishawi after his separation from his wife, daughter and mother toxicity millennial then retired art and they seem to retired marriage also as announced visits her engagement global representative Omar Sharif did not marry him, and then her engagement to Captain filmmakers Youssef Shaaban, but also did not marry him and have had the story gathered between them and the man love businessman named Khaled Al-Rashed, but circumstances did not collect them and said the artist had returned time back, but will not marry Khaled Al-Rashed.
It has denied in the media for her marriage to the Saudi Prince Khalid bin Saud Al Saud.

Artist Works:

Films :

Newspaper precedents (1956), The Girls in Summer (1960), people who Faces (1969), young people in the storm (1971), and then the sun shines (1971), Adrift on the Nile (1971), pleasure and torment (1971), Belle and the Thief (1971 ), and when (1972), anger (1972), something of love (1973), men are not afraid of death (1973), pranksters (1973), the demons on holiday (1973), Darling very naughty (1974), INSAT and women (1974 ), 24 hours of love (1974), Maine is estimated at Aziza (1975), let us love (1975), all Aaoz loves (1975), face to face (1976), and dutiful to your parents (1976), women in press (1976), Neptdy Menen Tale (1976), foreclosed on the Wedding night (1976), to meet there (1976), guilty (1976), Curlew his lips (1976), a world Eyal Eyal (1976), legs in the mud (1976), with my love and Ohoaqy ( 1977), star Maker (1977), Nowhere to Flee (1977), sweet O love world (1977), all of them in the fire (1978), the hearts in a sea of tears (1978), a woman in the Dolls (1978), women are women (1978 ), West Side story (1979), fucks (1979), I'm not a devil and an angel (1980), a man has lost his mind (1980), challenged the mighty (1980), girls ayza AIX (1980), the era of love (1980), clash lovers (1981), compassion Janas (1981), nights (1982), the trial (1982), Close (1982), I do not Ahramih (1982), execution of high school students (1983), dog bite (1983), I am to merit (1984 ), guard dogs (1984), so as not to fly smoke (1984), the missing plane (1984), The Chaser (1985), Red path (1985), Halal and Haram (1985), prey (1986), the era of love (1986), It remains love (1987), rhinos (1987), Alpedron (1987), Satan's plan (1988), monsters small (1989), a server (1990), battle Captain club (1990), the wife of taboo (1991), women brats (1991 ), thick lips (1992), Her Majesty's tears (1992), scandal (1992), bloody step (1992), with the achievement of citizenship (1993), the most powerful men (1993).


RIA boys and knife, bee and wasp.

Series :

Zeinab and the Throne, Habib Spirit (2006).
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