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The life story of Tamer Hosni, singer, composer, actor, author.
The life story of Tamer Hosni, singer, composer, actor, author, writer and director of films stories clips and product Masri, was born on October 19, 1977 in Cairo - Egypt.

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Nickname: Tamer Hosni
Full name: Tamer Hosni Cherif Abbas
Titles: generation star, Legend century.
Country: Egypt
Date of Birth: October 19, 1977
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt
Work: singer, composer, actor, author, director
Years of work: 2000 - now
Production company: Free Music (up to 2009) - the world of art
Marital status: Married
Wife: Basma Bussell
Children: Talia, Amaya
Father: Hosni Cherif Abbas Farghali
Mother: Fatima Al Sabbagh

Biography Life Story:

Tamer Hosni was born in 1977, from an Egyptian father, "Hosni Cherif Abbas Farghali" and Syrian mother, "Fatima pigment." Separated from his father and mother, which is seven years old and he lived and his mother and his older brother Hossam without a source of livelihood, the work order in the first years old at a petrol station and a supermarket selling perfumes in the street, as well as work as a construction laborer. Tamer joined the Faculty of Information at the University of October 6 with the help of the mother of his friend, and began his artistic career during his university studies he was singing Bhflat university. In one of the seminars at the university asked presenter Salma Chandler If one has any talent so he sang a song: "Say No" and danced and pleased his performance and then asked him to take part in the ceremony included senior artists and elite of society stood Tamer sang his song "Say No" paid tribute to the audience by then he knew Salma Chandler on producer Nasr Mahrous, who convinced his talent and signed a contract with him. The song "Eyes Hahabk" was the first song recorded on a tape in the group of songs for singers.
He began his artistic career in 2002 when he was nominated product is Sherine Abdel Wahab and the singer presented only one song, "rewind" the launch of a joint album "Tamer and Sherine" with the Free Music Company and actually released the tape and achieved record sales and deployment and then emerged as a star. Then he launched his first solo album in 2004 called "Love" and rolled his albums and artistic films Alsnmaiah reached great popularity in a short time. He succeeded in a few years to reap the many international awards and titles such as Best African Artist of the Afrikaans Music Award Ooord 2010. He also won the myth of the century award for being thorough artist from America beige Apple Music Ooord.
At the beginning of 2006 he accused Tamer in the case of fraud to evade military service and fraud in parchment belonging to the Faculty of Commerce of the University of the Egyptian Mansoura, was convicted of Tamer and sentenced to a year in that case, but the referee has not been implemented was Tamer said this: I did not know anything about the falsification of testimony perform military service and what happened, I enlisted some knowledge to ask them about them and know how to get them, they did what they did, and I thought that the certificate is valid, because I do not know the form of forged certificates. But Tamer spent six months in a military prison after commutation.
In 2012 he married Basma Bussell, Moroccan singer retired after marrying him, is a graduate of Star Academy.


Tamer Hosni is considered one of the most controversial singers in the Arab world between supporters of his exhibitions have proliferated on the Internet several sites and groups hostile to the singer and criticizing him for his actions and artistic productions and his statements. The first accusation is that the singer has changed his real name from "Badawi Mohsen Abbas Farghali" to the current name without that there will be significant signs of this issue. It also drew accusations of Tamer leased girls to cry and create hysteria in his concerts where the agreement with the organizers in advance on this condition, because it also helps to mobilize the public and create a mass hysteria help to sell all the tickets.
Tamer Hosni was expelled from Tahrir Square on February 9 in 2011 during the outbreak of the revolution of January 25 where the accused demonstrators that he was among those who criticized the revolution in the beginning he tried to enter Tahrir Square at three in the morning to speak to young demonstrators but was met with words of disapproval and rejection arose bodyguards directed from the field and had to leave. Tamer lovers take it Tamer Hosni has injustice in this regard has been outside Egypt when the outbreak of the revolution and the Egyptian media misled and upon his return to Egypt knew the truth and wanted to apologize to the rebels but did not give him respect.

Artist Works:


Tamer and Sherine (2002), Love (2004), the kind Pthabk (2005), my girl Verse (2007), near the violin, Paradise in Our Homes (2008), ha'esh hayaty (2009), I chose the true (2010), Elly Gai Ahla ( 2011), one little world (the world's first album, 2012).
Music singl individually:
- Smile with international singer Shaggy (2012)
- Mr. C with international artist Snoop Dogg was filmed and will be shown soon on channels Mazzika


Love (2003), the Emotional Side (2005), Omar and Salma 3 parts (from 2007 to 2009 - 2011), Hema (2008), light eyes (2010).



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