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The life story of Bella Hadid, a Palestinian model, born in 1996 .
The life story of Bella Hadid, a Palestinian model, born in 1996 in California - United States of America.

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Biography Life Story of Bella Hadid.

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Nickname: Bella iron.
Full name: Isabella goodness.
Country Nationality: United States - Palestine.
Country of residence: United States of America.
Country of Origin: Palestine.
Date of Birth: 1996.
Place of birth: California, United States of America.
Work: Supermodels.
Years of work: 2014 - until now.
Marital status: single mom.
Father: Anwar al-Hadid (a businessman).
Mother: Yolanda Foster (architect decor, fashion model).
Brothers: Gigi Hadid, Anwar iron.

Biography Life Story:

Bella Hadid was born in 1996 in California - United States of America., Whose real name is Isabella goodness, they were told porn star. Her father remarried in 1994, and divorced after years. Her father is a billionaire emperor of Palestinian property Mohammad Anwar al-Hadid, he took refuge in Syria in 1948 during the Palestinian War, studied there law, one of the university, then worked in a British real estate company based in Syria, and then moved to Washington and studied at the University of North Carolina and Massachusetts Institute of Technology. And her mother is Yolanda Foster, engineer decor and mannequin Dutch precedent, best known in recent years after the glory in the reality TV series (REAL housewives in Beverly Hills).
He moved Bella Hadid in 2014 to New York City, and studied photography at the Parsons School of Design, and shortly thereafter signed with (IMG), and after widespread fame they achieved in the field of fashion, hesitated rumors about photographed some pornographic films, which was denied by those close to them, but that questioned the matter is spread some of her nude pictures. Beauty and conducted on the nose, lips level of operations because they feel dissatisfied with the form.
It raised Bella iron sensation after appearing Pfstanha exposed during their passage on the red carpet during attend the premiere of the film (Unknown Girl), within the activities of the 69th Session of the festival (it was) Film Festival in 2015, where he appeared Pfstan sexy red and bold, revealed parts of her body, especially since it is open from the chest and a fully feet opening up to her waist, the views were considered audacious since the start of the festival, which form a fatty substance to all the American and European media means and the world, and spread its forms dramatically across social networking sites, and the question arises whether everyone around what if she was wearing underwear or not. Making it the most important and most famous supermodels, and topped many international magazines casing, and participated in the most important fashion shows, so it is classified as the most beautiful women from this year onwards. It is also the most famous and most expensive Ardhat fashion in the world today.
Bella loves Iron equestrian sport, since adolescence, and was already practiced rides. And suffering from lyme disease, which is a red marks appear on the body, affecting the head dramatically, and caused infected with the disease in the not be continued in the professional equestrian sport, but she insists on completing the exercise face.
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