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Chris Brown

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The life story of Chris Brown, R & B singer, author, composer and director.
The life story of Chris Brown, R & B singer, author, composer and director Songs US citizenship and actor, was born on 05.05.1989 in the state of Virginia - United States of America.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Chris Brown.
Full real name: Christopher Maurice Brown.
Country Nationality: United States of America.
Date of Birth: 05/05/1989.
Place of Birth: Tabanok, Virginia, United States of America.
Work: singing.
Genre: R & B, pop, hip-hop.
Years of work: 2005 - until now.
Father: Clinton Brown.
Mother: Joyce Hawkins.

Biography Life Story:

Chris Brown was born in 1989 in a small town called Tabahnuk in Virginia on the east coast of the United States. And her mother, Joyce Hawkins, and his father named Clinton Brown, and has one brother older than him. His family suffers from several problems, Voaldah violent divorced and his mother.
Chris Brown discovered by the production team who visited his father's gas station, hoping to find young talent in 2004. In 2005 he released his debut album. And in 2007 released their second album, was released third album (graffiti) in 2009.
He wrote the songs for Rihanna, Jonas Brothers, Britney Spears ...
Chris Brown also played in some movies and serials.

Artist Works:

Chris Brown (2005), Exclusive (2007), Graffiti (2009), F.A.M.E (2011), Fortune (2012), X (2014), Fan Of A Fan (2015), Royalty (2016).

Awards and Honors:

Chris Brown ran about 77 times, and won about 29 awards during his career, including:
- Award for best newcomer in 2006.
- Best male artist of the year 2008 award
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