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The life story of Faten Hamama, Egyptian actress, born on May 27, 1931 .
The life story of Faten Hamama, Egyptian actress, born on May 27, 1931 in the province of Dakahlia - Egypt. She died on January 17, 2015 in Cairo - Egypt.

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Biography Information of Faten Hamama.
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Nickname: Faten Hamama.
Real Full name: Ahmed Faten Hamama.
Titles: Our Lady of the Arab screen.
Country of citizenship: Egypt.
Country of residence: Egypt.
Date of Birth: June 271 931.
Place of Birth: Mansoura, Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt.
Date of Birth: January 17, 2015.
Place of Birth: Cairo, Egypt.
Work: acting.
Type: Egyptian movies.
Working years: 1940 - 2Faten Hamama.
Marital status: Married.
Ex-husband: Azzedine Zulfikar (1947-1954), Omar Sharif (1955-1974), Mohamed Abdel Wahab Mahmoud.
Children: Nadia Ezzedine al-Zulfikar, Tariq Omar Sharif.

Biography Life Story:

Faten Hamama was born in 1931 in the city of Mansoura in Dakahlia Governorate in Egypt. Her father was an employee of the Ministry of Education. Won the contest the most beautiful girl in Egypt arose, and her father sent her picture to Mohammad Karim director who was looking for a child based representation with composer Mohamed Abdel-Wahab, in the movie "Happy Days" (1940), Vaguetna gifted child and has entered into a contract with her father to ensure their participation in its cinematic future, and after 4 years summoned again to appear before Mohamed Abdel Wahab in the movie "bullet in the heart" (1944), and with her third "minimum" (1946) was able to create a foothold in the Egyptian cinema the family moved to Cairo to encourage them to an artist emerging and entered dove Higher Institute of representation in 1946. Note Youssef Wahbi her talent and asked her to represent the role of his daughter in the movie "angel of mercy" (1946), and this film has entered a new stage in her life, a melodrama only was then 15 years old and began the attention of critics and filmmakers out. I participated again in the representation along with Youssef Wahbi in the movie "confessional" (1949), and in the same year starred in the films "Al-Yateematain" and "six House" (1949), and has made these films highly successful in terms of box office. The fifties beginning of the golden age of Egyptian cinema, and was the general attitude at the time toward realism, especially at the hands of the director Salah Abu Seif. Starred in the movie "You, O Day unjust" (1952), which was considered one of the first realistic film. As well as it participated in the first film director Youssef Chahine "Baba Amin" (1950) and then in the film struggle in the Valley (1954). As well as it participated in the first film directed by Kamal Sheikh, "the house No. 13," which is considered one of the first films puzzle or mystery. In 1963 she got the best actress award in the political film "No Time for Love" (1963).
She married Faten Hamama three times, the first in 1947, where she married director Ezzedine Zulfikar while filming Abu Zeid al-Hilali in 1947, and was famous for refusing any scene or shot the kiss but the movie scenario "the conflict in the valley," it contains a kiss between the two heroes and the astonishment of everyone agreed snapshot direction with Omar Sharif, causing the end of their relationship Bazdin Zulfikar in divorce in 1954, and immediately she married Omar Sharif in 1955 after he embraced Islam, and continued their marriage to secede in 1974. occurred after only one year later married to a radiologist, Dr. Mohamed Abdel Wahab in 1975, and has been living with him quietly until her death.
After a long absence Faten Hamama returned the work of art, accompanied by great fanfare, where she participated in the TV series (the face of the moon) in 2Faten Hamama, in which many of the negatives have criticized the Egyptian society through her portrayal of a personal big broadcaster telecast, it was on the show sympathy with the Palestinian intifada by watching heroes of the series of events on the land of Palestine, and was the cause of media hype composed work Magda stay Khairallah lawsuit against the company producing the series, claiming that the series injury distortion of the large number of deletion and addition in the text by the heroine, which, according to the author was interfering in the work of the director, whether to choose the stars or in the editing process.
Faten Hamama, who died on January 17, 2015 at the age of 83 years and 8 months after the sudden health crisis.
Nicknamed Lady Arab screen. Considered by many as a milestone in the Arab cinema where he lived through the long decades of the development of Egyptian cinema and contributed significantly to the formulation worthy of respect for the role of women in general in the Arab cinema through their representation since 1940 photo.
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