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Leonardo DiCaprio

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The life story of Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and producer US films.
The life story of Leonardo DiCaprio, actor and producer US films, born November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, United States.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Leonardo DiCaprio
Full name: Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio
Titles: the king of cinema
Location: United States
Date of Birth: November 11, 1974
Place of Birth: Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States
Location: United States
Horoscope sign: Scorpio
Work: representation
Type: romantic movies, Drama Movies
Working years: 1989 - yet
Marital status: single

Biography Life Story:

Leonardo DiCaprio was born on November 11, 1974 in Los Angeles, California, the United States, which is the only son of his parents. Aarji his mother is a former legal secretary Born in Germany, she and her family moved from Germany to the United States during the fifties of the last century. His father, George DiCaprio works painter and a producer and distributor of comic books, one of the origins of half Italian and half German. The parents met with Leonardo when they were in college, and then moved to Los Angeles, then divorced when he was one year, and lived most of his childhood with his mother. He attended Seeds Elementary School and graduated from John Marshall High School nearby. Spent part of his life in Germany with the maternal grandparents, Wilhelm and Helen, he speaks fluent German.
Leonardo DiCaprio began his artistic career to appear in ads, movies, educational shorts, and in 1990 he joined the advertising business at the age of 14 years, and then had a chance to represent in a series of paternity, then got minor roles in series such as (Santa Barbara) and Serial comic (growth) pain the beginning of the 1990 he got his first film role in his 1991 science fiction film (creatures 3), but the first major appearance in the film was in 1993 in the film (the life of this boy) alongside actor (Robert de Niro). Thanks to generally angelic distinctive talent and enjoyment, achieved international fame through the movie Titanic director James Cameron's 1997 film, which became the top movies most underserved revenue until recently.
Leonardo DiCaprio close friend of actor Tobey Maguire, who met him during the performance of a series of paternity in 1990 experiment, which each of the actors Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas, and fellow actress Kate Winslet, which she shared the movie Titanic and Revolutionary Road starring old friend.
Promising DiCaprio fashion model Kristen Zang intermittently for several years, and the British supermodel Emma Miller. In 2Leonardo DiCaprio he met with Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and that prepared on and off too until their separation in 2005. DiCaprio began a relationship with supermodel Bar Refaeli in November 2005 after he met her at a party in Las Vegas for the members of the band U2. In the course of their journey to Israel in March 2007, he met with Israeli President Shimon Peres's hometown Raffaele visited Hod Hasharon. In May 2011 the news of the end of their relationship spread. In August 2011 it was reported that he was in a relationship with actress Blake Lively since mid-May, and ended their relationship in October 2011. Promising DiCaprio later supermodel Erin Heatherton from December 2011 to October 2012. Since May 2013 Aed DiCaprio German model Toni Garn.
In 2005, DiCaprio was severely injured in the face when the supermodel Aretha Wilson beat him with a bottle broken over his head during a party in Hollywood. After pleading guilty in 2010, he was sentenced to imprisonment for two years.
DiCaprio owns a home in Los Angeles and an apartment in Battery Park City in Lower Manhattan. In 2009, he bought an island off the main coast of Belize where he is planning to create an environmentally-friendly resort on them. In 2014, DiCaprio bought the former Menzldenh Shore in Palm Springs, California.

Artist Works:

DiCaprio played in a variety of films:

cinema Movies:

Critters 3 (1991), Poison Ivy (1992), This Boy's Life, What's Eating Gilbert Grape (1993), One Hundred and One Nights, The Quick and the Dead, The Basketball Diaries, Total Eclipse (1995), Romeo + Juliet, marvin's Room (1996), Titanic (1997), The Man in the Iron Mask, Celebrity (1998), The Beach (2Leonardo DiCaprio), Don's Plum (2001), Catch Me If You Can, Gangs of New York (2002), The Aviator, The Assassination of Richard Nixon (2004), The Departed, Blood Diamond (2006), The 11th Hour, Gardener of Eden (2007), Body of Lies, Revolutionary Road (2008), Orphan (2009), Shutter Island, hubble 3D, Inception (2010), Red Riding Hood, The Ides of March, J. Edgar (2011), Django Unchained (2012), The Great Gatsby, Runner Runner, Out of the Furnace, The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) , Virunga (2014), The Revenant (2015).

TV movies:

The New Lassie (1989), The Outsiders, Santa Barbara, Parenthood (1990), Roseanne (1991), Growing Pains (1991-1992), Greensburg (2008-2010), Saturday Night Live (2014).

Awards and Honors:

For over the 20 years of his artistic career, Leonardo DiCaprio has received numerous awards and nominations, most notably the five Academy Award nominations have not won any of them, and three nominations for the BAFTA awards and also did not win any of them. And 10 Golden Globe nominations, won awards, including best drama Batntin are representative of the performance award in the film the pilot in 2004, and the award for best actor in a comedy or musical for his performance in the film The Wolf of Wall Street in 2013. Also nominated for many other awards a prize Screen Actors Guild Award, Satellite Award and British Academy of Film and Television Arts.
And he was nominated for his role in each of the series of paternity and Santa Barbara Award for the best little small representative of the artist.

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