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Life story Litzy Domínguez, a famous Mexican actress.
Life story Litzy Domínguez, a famous Mexican actress, was born in Mexico City on October 27, 1982.

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Nickname: Litzy
Full name: Litzy Vanya Domínguez Balderas
State: Mexico
Date of Birth: October 27, 1982
Place of Birth: Mexico City, Mexico
Work: acting, singing
Working years: 1995 - yet

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Domínguez Litzy was born in October 27, 1982 in Mexico City, Mexico. She studied acting in Los Angeles. I participated in several films and serials distinct from the most famous series (Daniela) in 2002 and the series (where is my father) role (Margarita) in 2005. The series (my life) role (Marisa) 2015. It is also a singer, where he has issued several songs.

Artist Works:


Subversión total (2007), Borderline (2009). Amarte así, Frijolito (2005), Pecadora (2009-2010), Quiéreme tonto (2010), Una Maid en Manhattan (2011-2012), Señora Acero (2014).


DKDA: Sueños de juventud (1999-2Litzy), Carita de Ángel (2Litzy), Daniela (2002).

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