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The story of the life of Marilyn Monroe, the myth of the American cinema.
The story of the life of Marilyn Monroe, the myth of the American cinema, was one of the flags, born on June 1, 1926 in California, United States.

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Biography Information:

Nickname: Marilyn Monroe
Real name: Norma Jean Montsn
Titles: the myth of American cinema
Location: United States
Religion: Jewish
Date of Birth: June 1, 1926
Place of birth: California, United States
Date of death: August 5, 1962 (36 years old)
Place of death: California, United States
Work: acting, singing
Type: Cinema Hollywood
Years of work: 1945 - 1962
Marital status: Married
Wife: James Doherty (1942 1946), Joe DiMaggio (1954 1955), Arthur Miller (1956 1961).
Father: Martin Edward Montsn
Mother: Gladys Pearl Baker

Biography Life Story:

I was born Marilyn Monroe in 1926 in California, the United States, on behalf of (Norma Jean Mutinsn) and change the name to (Norma Jean Baker) relative to her mother as they were not sure of the paternity of her father, she spent childhood miserable where he entered the orphanage at the age of 9 years old when her mother refused sponsorship and it fluctuated between several families and subjected to harassment unethical in abundance, but they are associated with Hollywood, the city of cinema through the accompaniment of one who have had reared, and dreamed of since that time to be a star and I got married at the age of 16 years of her neighbor, aged 21 years, which drifted away from the orphanage .. also suffered Marilyn stuttering.
It was discovered Marilyn Monroe through a project to Ronald Reagan when he was an actor, and I got my first wage in 1945, immediately after the war and was famous after placing her image (Kmodel) in the advertising company, and she was 19 years old, and began to climb into the abyss, and he is said to have been modified her teeth and her jaw and nose but while emerged with her hair blond turned to (thunderbolt female). Marilyn Monroe was a model for the image that they want America to be out after World War II and this also, critics say, the (Marilyn Monroe) made it is nothing of the truth, and it was imperative that they remain doll form by request to the world and to the cinema to visualize the state of America's screens eager to impress and temptation and dominate the peoples of the world, in the cover of innocent sorcerer does not suggest any deception or intent is desirable. And became Marilyn Monroe (women's dream) and the United States became the (country's dream) and there are many actresses and singers Americans and others from other nationalities were impressed by and affected by its way, the female, such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Scarlett Johansson, Megan Fox, Rihanna, Mariah Carey, Lady Gaga , Beyonce and Hind Rostom.
Marilyn Monroe were not only actress but a singer jazz it sings jazz hard cold and jazz in films and even at parties, making it the most celebrated Hollywood, but they feel it is a fake and that they need to compensate for her childhood, in 1960 he visited Marilyn Monroe Temple of the Jews in the religious views she and her doctor psychological and felt that they could talk about their sense that they did not give her affection and care and love, and they do not need to stardom without happiness, turned in its note she was living large because of the bitterness of her childhood and says:
«I feel all the time that I figure fakes worry me my relationship with the president and his brother is not able to solve the problem of childhood tramp I do not feel that I star I ask is some happiness and I want to know who is the real dad I do not know about myself, but I was the Foundling do not like to die, but the desire In which".
She married singer "Marilyn Monroe" in 1942 from a neighbor claiming "James sessions" works in the field of photography, but estranged marriage after lasted four years and then married a baseball player, "Judy Maggio" in 1954, a marriage that does not last more than nine months, where she divorced him for assaulting them physically more than once, and the third married her was of the playwright, "Arthur Miller" in 1956 until 1961.
Marilyn Monroe committed suicide died of an overdose of the drug, on August 5, 1962 at the age of 36 years. Where I found naked in her bed at her home in Los Angeles, in a mysterious incident so far, which is famed for the beauty and charm and femininity and sweetness and innocence together, but the message written by Marilyn Monroe in 1960, before her death two years later shows the amount of bitterness that she felt it, she came in the message: «I have a deep sense that I'm not entirely true, but I falsity artificially and skillfully made and everyone feels in this world, in this sense from time to time, but I live this feeling all the time, but sometimes I think I'm not the only productive cinematically technically mastered the author.»
Departure of Marilyn Monroe is still controversial, although the death recorded: (suicide grain hypnotic and alcohol). The suspects all her fans as she died (dead), however, the intelligence to get the diary and important documents and Senator Robert F. Kennedy, known as "Bobby" is Baghtyalha through lethal injection, so out of fear that reveal hot Relations "," set up with the Kennedy family, including the is-Undecided Aboubi- and his brother John. The implementers understand the artist Peter Lawford psychological and her doctor, Dr. Ralph Grincn who injected lethal injection led to her death on the spot. And all of that stated in the book of American writer Jay Marjoleezz entitled (the death of Marilyn Monroe: a closed issue, and some say the coroner's report stated that Marilyn died of an overdose of sedatives that were dealt with where it was in the last days frustrating and in bad psychological state after it was barred from attend a gala birthday party of US President John F. Kennedy orders from his wife, Jacqueline, and also because of the abortions were taking place after her marriage to writer Arthur Miller and repeat it more than once I started to excessive drink and was told that she was a victim of an organized conspiracy of the FBI and the CIA against the backdrop of its relationship with Bal Kennedy said it was the first victim in a politically organized crime affected later the Kennedy and Malcolm X and Martin Otrkinj.

Artist Works:

How Taatzojin millionaire, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, diamonds friend loyal Girl (1953), River No Return (1954), Hersha seventh year (1955), the position of the bus (1956), The Prince and the Showgirl (1957), Some Like It Hot (1959), Let's practice the love (1960), Allamntamon (1961).
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