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Michael Jackson

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The story of the life of Michael Jackson, musician and singer and dancer,
The story of the life of Michael Jackson, musician and singer and dancer, poet and producer of songs, businessman and humanitarian activist American, born on August 29, 1958 in Gary United States,

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Nickname: Michael Jackson
Full name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Titles: the King of Pop
Location: United States
Date of Birth: August 29, 1958
Place of Birth: Gary, United States
Date of death: April 25, 2009
Place of death: Los Angeles, California, United States
Work: singer, songwriter, producer songs, dance, dance director, actor, author, businessman, financier
Genre: Pop, R & B, Rock, New Jack Swing
Years of work: 1963 - 2009

Biography Life Story:

Michael Jackson was born in 1958 in Gary United States, died in the June 25, 2009 in Los Angeles, California, United States. Dubbed the King of Pop. Category of the most successful and the most important star in the history of music at all by the Guinness record numbers. Ft contributions unmatched in the areas of music, dance and fashion, as well as life in the spotlight, made him an international figure and part of the global popular culture.
Child eighth Jackson family, he began a career singing with his brothers as a member of the Jackson 5 band in 1964, and then began singing singles in 1971. In the early eighties of the last century, Jackson became a prominent figure in popular music. Ratios musical His Videos, including "House of ET," "Billie Jean" and "Thriller," has the virtue in breaking racial barriers on television stations musical and was the first singer of African origin show videos of his songs on the MTV channel, and in addition to that he preferred in transforming the music video into an art form and a tool for the promotion. The popularity of these videos helped to publicize the then new TV channel, MTV.
Jackson's album Thriller is the most selling album in history. Other recordings, including Off The Wall, Bad, Dingers and history is also one of the most globally-selling.
He was born aspects of Jackson's personal life and includes his appearance, his personal and his actions controversy. Against him in the mid-nineties charge molested a minor but settled out of court without any formal charges. In 2005 he was tried and acquitted of further harassment allegations and several other charges after the jury found him not guilty on all counts.
During the preparation of a series of concerts called Zs Is It, Jackson acute intoxication of propofol and benzodiazepines died after suffering a cardiac arrest in the June 25, 2009.

Artist Works:


The Wiz (1978), Captain EO (1986), Moonwalker (1988), Ghosts (1996), Men in Black II (2002), Miss Cast Away (2004), This Is It (2009).

Video clips:

Do not Stop Til You Get Enough, Rock With You (1979), She's Out Of My Life (1980), Billie Jean, Beat It (1983), Thriller (1984), Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel (1987) , Man In The Mirorr, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, Leave Me Alone, Speed ​​Demon, Come Together (1988), Liberian Girl (1989), Black Or White (1991), Remeber The Time, In The Closet, Jam, Who Is it, Heal The World (1992), Give In To Me, Will You Be There, Gone Too Soon (1993), Scream, You Are not Alone (1995), Earth Song, They Do not Care About Us, They Don ' t Care About Us Prison Version, Stranger In Moscow (1996), Blood On The Dance Floor (1997), You rock my world, Cry (2001), Hold my Hand (2010), Hollywood Tonight, Behind The Mask (2011), XSCAPE (2014).

Games afternoon where:

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker, Space Channel 5, Space Channel 5 Part 2, Michael Jackson's The Experience

Awards and Honors:

Jackson is one of the few artists who Qdmo to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. Jackson is the first and only dancer from the world of pop and rock music, which was presented to the honorary hall for dancing. Some other achievements include several record Guinness digit global 0.13 Grammy Award in addition to the Grammy Legend Award and the Grammy for the achievements of a lifetime 0.26 an American Music Award include award "artist eighties" and "century artist" .13 individual song replaced the first prize in the United States during his career singles and sales of 750 million registered around the world.

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