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Milla Jovovich

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Milla Jovovich's life story, an American actress of Serbian origin.
Milla Jovovich's life story, an American actress of Serbian origin, was born on December 17, 1975 in Kiev - Ukraine.

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Nickname: Milla Jovovich.
Full real name: Malitza Natasha Jovovich.
Country of citizenship: the Soviet Union, the United States, Serbia.
Country of residence: United States.
Country of origin: Serbia / Ukrainian.
Date of Birth: December 17, 1975.
Place of Birth: Kiev.
Work: actress, fashion model, singer.
Type: Hollywood movies.
Working years: 1988 - until now.
Marital status: divorced.
Ex-husband: Shawn Andrews (1992-1992), Luc Besson (1997-1999).
Sons: 2.

Biography Life Story:

Milla Jovovich was born in 1975 in Kiev Ukraine, to a Serbian pediatrician and Russian actress. Ran away with the early and her parents from the European east to London, where he entered the school, then to Los Angeles, and there are continued her studies, she became a model at an early age, and then received lessons in ballet for a few years dance, at the same time had begun artistic activity through the films and series ( AK Paradise) in 1988, and went to learn music, but in the end took acting path to it, until it was her turn featured in the film (the fifth element) in front of the star (Bruce Wells) in 1997, and despite the success overwhelming in that role, however, her fame came across a series of films (the kingdom of evil), which played a starring role in all of them. Among the most famous films film series (Resident Evil).
Milla Jovovich married Shawn Andrews in 1992, and divorced in the same year. Then she married Luc Besson in 1997, and divorced in 1999. Finally, she married director Paul Anderson and gave birth to a baby.

Artist Works - Films:

Forum moons, Paradise, on the edge of the abyss, night train to Kathmandu (1988), Dear Lewis Parker never lose, married and have children (1990), Return to the Blue Lagoon (1991), Chaplin, Kavs (1992), the rebellious generation (1993 ), the fifth element (1997), won the game (1998), Joan of Arc (1999), claim, the million dollar Hotel (2Milla Jovovich), salvation, you stupid man, Zolandr (2001), doll, resident evil, king of the hill ( 2002), the doll, not a good (2003), resident evil: Apocalypse (2004), Caligula (2005), UV, caliber 45 (2006), resident evil: extinction (2007), Palermo Shooting (2008), getaway (2009), stone, resident evil: after life, bringing up Bobby, paranormal, dirty girl, faces (2010), The three Musketeers 3D, decoration, lucky problem (2011), resident evil: penalty (2012).
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