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Natalie Dormer

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The life story of Natalie Dormer, English actress of Norwegian descent.
The life story of Natalie Dormer, English actress of Norwegian descent, was born on February 11 1982 at Berkshire.

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Name: Natalie Dormer.
Country of citizenship: the United Kingdom.
Country of Origin: Norway.
Religion: atheist.
Date of Birth: February 11, 1982.
Place of Birth: Reading, Berkshire.
Work: acting.
Type: theater, television and films.
Years of work: 2005 - until now.

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Natalie Dormer was born in 1982 in the city of Reading. She grew up with her mother and her sister and her brother and her stepfather, she was prone to bully the small, and was diligent pupil and deputy commander of the netball team, was traveling around the world accompanied by the rhetoric of her school team. He is best known for her role (he was Pauline) in the series (Teodo family) and (Margerie Tyrrell) in the series (Game of Thrones).

Artist Works:


Casanova (2005), is impeccable (2007), City of Life (2009), W. E., Captain America: Avenger I (2011), somewhat, by far from home, the dash, Chancellor (2013), a stylish, matches hunger: Mockingjay - Part I (2014), matches hunger: Mockingjay - Part II (2015) , jungle (2016).


Distant shores (2005), Rebus (2007), the family of Theodore (2007-2010), Masterwork, Agatha Christie Marple (2009), Silk, The Fades, Poe (2011), Game of Thrones (2012), Primary (2013).
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