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Life story Pitbull, whose real name (Armando Christian Perez).
Life story Pitbull, whose real name (Armando Christian Perez), an American rapper and a representative of Cuban descent, was born in 1981 in Miami - United States of America.

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Nickname: Pitbull - Mister Orldoad
Real name: Armando Christian Perez
State: Cuba
Date of Birth: January 15, 1981
Place of Birth: Miami, United States
Work: singing, acting, production
Genre: rap, hip-hop, R & B, House, Hip House, reggaeton.
Years of work: 2003 - yet

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Pitbull was born in 1981 in the state of Miami in the United States, he began his artistic career in 2003. All his works are issued individually, but it depends sing on binary duet between him and one of the stars of famous which helped him gain world-renowned fast addition to the distinctive style of singing established himself. Posted in Arabic and English song entitled (Habibi I Love You) Moroccan singer Ahmed Shawki and Swedish producer RedOne Moroccan production.

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